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Be a part of the revolution with Only Dolls, and bring home an adult doll that doesn’t just sit there to serve you as your fuck buddy, but also as food for your soul. Our sex doll store features a wide range of high-quality, yet cheap sex dolls that fit into your budget, even if you want to own not just one, but a collection of the best sex dolls.

All dolls in our luxurious sex doll shop are carefully handcrafted with premium thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) into different appealing sizes, body types and genres to offer something great for everyone, almost like a match made in heaven. It is because of the human-like look and feel of our companion dolls, our impeccable customer service and cost effectiveness that our customers continue to shower us with much love, today and always.

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All-Gender Sex Dolls with The Softest, Yet Most Long-Lasting Body

After the downfall of silicone sex dolls due to their artificial look and feel, our nifty artisans chose thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) for an incredibly human-like experience. We handcraft these dolls with incredible detail such as their facial features, nerves, spine, bone shape, knuckles, feet and much more. Their vagina, penis, breasts and other body parts are also meticulously designed to mimic a real person.

For instance, our customers are delighted with the realness of details like the shape of boobs, puffiness & color of nipples, vaginal opening, and labia color & formation in our female sex dolls. Whereas our male sex dolls are popular for their muscular body, piercing eyes, big dick and body hair that radiate with a real-life hunk’s persona. And for those who associate themselves with the more colorful genders, we have a range of shemale sex dolls or transexual sex dolls to give them the best of both the worlds.


Here’s A Sneak Peek at Our Best Selling Sex Dolls

There’s a reason why some products move quicker than the others. For starters, their unique appeal and seductive features match no other. So, order from our most-loved sex dolls, and invest in your personal share of heaven today.

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When you know your sex life is about to transform, waiting certainly becomes tough. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Our US Collection features premium sex dolls that are designed with close consideration to the preferences of our naughty US customers, and hence, sell like hot cakes.

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Fuck Dolls That Don’t Just Guarantee Pleasure, But Performance Improvement and FUN Too

Realistic sex toys, especially TPE sex dolls are getting readily popular because they appeal to users on so many levels. So, if you’d been thinking to buy sex dolls, you can revel of investing in a product that works multi-dimensionally to improve your sex life, confidence and if you are with a playful sex partner who loves to experiment, your relationship too. So, whether you are looking forward to enjoy hardcore sex without commitments and headache excuses, or polish your game, or spice up your relationship, our realistic fuck dolls could be your ideal pick.

In case you have any doubts around the authenticity and quality of our life-size sex dolls, have a look at our customer reviews duly verified by YOTPO. So, whether you have your heart set on big breasts sex dolls or big ass dolls, blonde sex dolls or chubby sex dolls, Only Dolls is your go-to love doll shop that offers:

1. Top-quality sex dolls made with premium TPE to offer a real-life experience.
2. Wide variety of customizable sex dolls to allow you to build your own sex doll.
3. Signature Real Feel Pussy and Touch & Moan system by Only Dolls for added realism.
4. Beautiful human-like sex dolls that are handcrafted with impeccable detailing.
5. Affordable prices to inspire a diverse collection of the latest sex dolls.
6. Worldwide shipping and special well-stocked warehouses in the US, Europe and UK.

Sex Doll Reviews

Eager to know how our companion dolls perform in bed? Read our YOTPO-verified, honest customer reviews, and choose us with oodles of confidence.
Verified Sex Doll Reviews

Sex Doll Videos

Pictures aren’t enough, are they? Watch our sensuous adult dolls in their full glory (almost flesh and blood) in some of these spectacular videos throughout or website.

Secrecy & Safety

Only Dolls values its customers’ secrecy and safety. Our team offers you the most secure payment gateways, and delivers your sex doll discreetly.
Why Choose Only Dolls?

Common Questions About Sex Doll Ownership

Are Sex Dolls Only Meant for Casual Sex?

It is indeed true that most consumers buy sex doll for casual sex, but gradually, they notice there is more to these dolls than just splendid sex. For instance, single users reveal that they love not having to come back to an empty apartment, or having someone to cuddle with during binge watching their favorite shows. And committed users have reported that their sex doll has helped heighten their chemistry with their partners.

How Will I Accommodate A Full-Size Sex Doll in A Small Apartment?

Well, we have a wide range of petite, short, and mini fuck dolls in our collection. In case you have a space restriction, you can easily go for smaller versions. Our shorter companion dolls are equally appealing; in fact, some people find them more seductive than the taller ones.

Which Type of Sex Doll Should I Choose as an Exotic Lover?

We understand the hypnotism of Korean drama actors and exotic guest appearances in your favorite Hollywood movies. Bring your ideal (but hard to date) partner to life with our ethnicity-inspired fuck dolls. Middle Eastern Sex Dolls, Asian Sex Dolls, Ebony sex dolls, and Blonde sex dolls are the top-selling dolls in this collection.

How Shall I Choose the Most Desirable Sex Doll?

If you want to take a public poll on what’s selling most on our website, we have a popular section on our product categories tab to get you started. Please note that moving ass sex dolls are our all-time-hit. And we keep adding new sex dolls to our plentiful assortment, keeping in mind the changing preferences of our valued customers.

I Prefer A Real Woman’s/Man’s Company. Is Sex Doll A Viable Option for Me?

For first-time shoppers and people who find it difficult to look past the real-life sexual experience, our AI sex doll with moving hips would be the best match for you. This sex doll might actually pass for a real woman from a little distance. She would respond to your lustful touch, moan to make you harder, hold full conversations with you, and move her hips to serve you right. What’s more? She comes with a lot of customization options to give you an opportunity to realize your deepest, darkest fantasies.
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Easy to Clean & Maintain

Unlike other high-maintenance sex dolls, our sex dolls are quite easy to clean. Their TPE skin makes them sturdier and more long lasting than the conventional silicone sex dolls.

No Alimony & No Answering Back

Are you tired of being labeled as ‘insensitive’ by your partner? Don’t worry! Our generous sex dolls will always be available to serve you, and they’ll never answer back or ask for a divorce.

No Menstrual Cycle & No Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s leave name-calling behind for a while, and talk about sexual frustration that is caused by factors like periods and ED. Bring home a sex doll, and never get led down again.

An Inviting Virgin Experience Every Time

All the sex dolls for sale at Only Dolls are designed with an ever-virgin pussy and tight asshole. Not just this, but they also have a penetrable mouth so that you can train your girl the way you want.

Why Choose Only Dolls?

High Quality - Handcrafts the most realistic sex dolls with premium TPE and intrinsic detailing
Complete Secrecy - Transports your sex dolls without anybody knowing what’s inside the package
Faster Delivery - Has special warehouses in US, UK and Europe that deliver lightning-fast
Secure Payment - Offers safest payment methods to safeguard your investment just like it’s ours
Promising Intimacy - Guarantees an elevated sexual experience to wipe off your day’s fatigue
Latest Technology - Fosters love for innovation; we were the first ones to create a moving ass sex doll


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