4 Things You Often Do that are Harmful for Your Sex Doll

4 Things You Often Do that are Harmful for Your Sex Doll

With sex dolls becoming a multi-billion-dollar global industry, perceiving them as a taboo is becoming a less common notion, and people have begun talking about them out in the open. And one of the most-searched topics that has hit the popular search engines in this regard is the care and maintenance of sex dolls, especially life-size female sex dolls. And people are not wrong to try to find answers to these questions because the most common materials used to craft these sex dolls (thermoplastic elastomer and silicone) can lose their color, smoothness, structure and flexibility very easily, if not taken proper care of.

Knowingly or unknowingly, sex doll users make several mistakes while handling their priceless possessions every day, and it might lead to severe damage to the love dolls. Getting your sex doll disfigured or damaged because of one such accident can deprive you of the long-term bonding that you’ve established with it over the years. Even if you are a new user, the heartache of ruining your recently-bought custom sex doll (that you had spent hours personalizing to suit your taste) could be unparalleled.

Damage to their skin, skeleton and wig can also be rough on your pocket, and hence, it’s only wise to take some basic steps to ensure the wellbeing of your fuck doll, so that it can serve you without a break for many years to come. We would never wish to see our esteemed customers ending up in such a sticky spot, and hence, the Only Dolls team has prepared a checklist So, let’s start with the common mistakes sex doll users do:

1. Avoiding Regular Washing and Drying

There are many first-time sex doll users who believe they can get away with the task of cleaning their doll regularly. But experienced users would vouch for making regular cleaning a practice as soon as your sex doll arrives at your doorstep. Just like you, sex dolls need regular washing and drying, especially after every use, or while switching the user. Or else, they can cause infections, or even STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

These sex toys also accumulate dust when they’re not in use, just like any other piece of furniture. However, if you have to store your sex doll for a long time due to a foreign trip or other reasons, you can wrap it up nicely, pack it in the box it came in, and store it in a cool and dry place for keeping the dust at bay. If you are wondering ‘how to clean my TPE sex doll’, you just need to refer to the user’s manual that you’d received with your fuck doll. Usually, it takes about only half an hour, and you don’t need to do it daily too. Remember to dry your sex doll well after every cleaning session to avoid mold-infestation.

2. Doing It without a Good Lube

You might be good at making women wet down under with some mind-blowing foreplay, but it’s not going to take you anywhere with your sex doll. Life-size sex doll for men might look exactly like a real woman, but it cannot produce any natural lubes, can it? And since it’s designed to offer a virgin-like experience every time, access to the penetrable spots would be not as easy.

Not only can indulging with a sex doll without a good lube can be an obstructive sexual experience for you, but it might also rupture the vaginal skin of your doll. Including lube in sexual acts with your doll can make a whole lot of difference, just like it does when you fly solo. But before you go ahead, and put some popular lubes in your online shopping cart, you need to consider the material of your sex doll. You can also use condoms for enjoying a comfortable penetration experience with your sex doll. For our premium, yet cheap life-size TPE sex dolls, a water-based lubricant is an ideal pick. You must keep your TPE sex dolls away from lubricants containing petroleum or silicone.

3. Sharing It with Others

Some people might find the idea of sharing your customized sex doll with others bizarre, but there are some people that can find the same idea quite intriguing. A life-size sex doll might be a handful of investment, and these people think of it as an opportunity to ‘pool and use’, just like some high-end OTT platforms.

In fact, some areas around the world have successfully-running sex doll brothels that allow people to spend quality time with these love toys by paying only an affordable share against their overall cost. But it can do you more harm than good with all the potential risks of infections, and even life-threatening diseases in some severe cases. In fact, some sex toy experts think of it as the biggest blunder you can commit as a sex doll owner.

4. Seeking Guidance from Wrong Sources

If you are randomly searching ‘what should I remember as a sex doll user’, chances of getting one right answer would be very bleak. Maintenance guidelines for sex dolls can be very different depending upon their material and structure. Rather than compromising upon the longevity of your sex doll, and ending up in a sticky spot due to something that you read online somewhere, it’s a safe idea to reach out to your sex doll vendor.

Wrapping Up

I believe these points broadly sum up the things not to do to your sex doll, and you are all set to bring home a nice fuck doll to always be there for you in sickness and health. For enhancing the years of companionship with your sex doll in its full glory, you can go through our all-inclusive FAQs section; here is a quick link:

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