5 Sex Dolls to Take You on the Ride to Fantasy Land

5 Sex Dolls to Take You on the Ride to Fantasy Land

While growing up, we all have had a crush on the fantasy characters that we used to see in movies, television shows and games; in fact, we still do. And as soon as you enter your teen years, your feelings of affection for these characters develop into something much more, and you start imagining them as a potential love interest. Even after turning into a full-blown adult, and knowing for sure that these characters are not real (just like Santa), our fondness and admiration for them never ceases.

But many people have to keep these feeling bottled up in their hearts, especially because the concerned crush is not a regular human. But Only Dolls says – why limit your fantasies and sexual exploration to regular humans when there is so much more to try out? And let us discuss a little about the gloomy and empty feelings that we suffer from due to this repression of our heartfelt desires. After all, not all of us are blessed to have spouses or sex partners who would enjoy receiving the costume of our favorite anime characters (or even a Disney princess or even somebody hot from the Harry Potter series) to indulge in some fun-filled cosplay every once in a while.

Well, as industry experts who have heard countless successful stories of our customers who craved to have sex with a larger than life fictional character, we can say with much belief that life size fantasy sex dolls can serve you well in this endeavor. So, if you still have the heart of that desperate little boy, and would love to experience making love to such extraordinary fictional characters in real life, let us discover more about this amazing option, and take you a step closer to living out your kinks.

How Can Sex Dolls Help?

The introduction of lifelike sex dolls has changed the world of sexual satisfaction for many. These dolls are handcrafted from premium quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) by artists with years of experience and an unparalleled eye for creativity and attention to detail. This is what makes these sex dolls look and feel like a real human; their face, body and features would remind you of the hottest people that you have ever seen.

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, many features have been added to these real like sex dolls to add a more human touch to them. For instance, at Only Dolls, you can find a plethora of options with incredible features like Full Body Automatic Heating System, Touch and Moan System, Moving Ass System and Dick Sucking System. These systems make these dolls so lifelike that you might forget that you are not sharing the bed with a real person.

And since different people have different choices (some men might go for ravishing dolls with big boobs, whereas some might want to garner love from naive looking dolls with a smaller body frame), designers try to create a unique doll for everyone, even for those who have some unworldly sexual fantasies. Take our collection of fantasy sex dolls for instance! All the dolls there are meticulously created, so that everybody can live out their most hidden and most enjoyable fantasies – having their own fair share of heaven to go back to every time the monotony of the real world hits them hard.

5 Most Enthralling Fantasy Love Dolls to Own


As exotic in appearance and outlook as its name, Elnora sexy fantasy cosplay doll has everything that it takes to make your heart ache with desire and passion in a jiffy. The first thought to strike your mind when you look at this beautiful dark blue elf sex doll would be that she is straight out from the Avatar movie, but when you look at her long enough, you will realize that she is much better. Her blue skin color, C cup breasts and bold red lips can start a storm in your underpants. Order her at:

Name Height Breast Size Price
Buy fantasy Female companion doll Elnora from #1 sexdoll Marketplace in USA Elnora Fantasy Collection Sex Doll 5feet 2inches (158cm) C Cup $1,483.00


One of the most gorgeous elf sex dolls at Only Dolls, the Asteria realistic elf love doll is truly made in heaven. She is designed with voluminous F cup breasts, attractive facial features and a porcelain white skin to cast a spell of fantasy on (literally) anyone. Order her at:

Name Height Breast Size Price
Buy best erotic elf sex doll Asteria from #1 sexdoll Marketplace in USA Asteria Fantasy Collection Sex Doll 5feet 5inches (165cm) F Cup $1,697.00


Exotic appearance, juicy E cup breasts, piercing eyes, porcelain fair skin and long black hair – is there anything about this realistic elf fuck doll that you wouldn’t like? Just one look at her and a long list of things that you would want to do to/with her quickly sums up in your head, doesn’t it? To bring her home, please click:

Name Height Breast Size Price
Buy best curvy elf fuck doll Calliope from #1 sexdoll Marketplace in USA Calliope Fantasy Collection Sex Doll 5feet 6inches (165cm) E Cup $1,697.00


Danae is a typical bad ass girl but better (because she is an elf – an unworldly personality that is difficult to un-see after laying eyes on her)! This lifelike fantasy sex doll is designed with D cup breasts (with mouth-watering puffy nipples), a cool and confident appearance, and sharp-looking teeth. Order her at:

Name Height Breast Size Price
Buy best curvy elf fuck doll Danae from #1 sexdoll Marketplace in USA Calliope Fantasy Collection Sex Doll 5feet 5inches (165cm) D Cup $1,697.00


A nature’s angel or a nature’s creep, our Eirene fantasy real doll is designed to be the best of both the worlds. One of the bestselling curvy elf sex doll at Only Dolls, Eirene is designed with fair skin, long blonde hair, sharp-looking teeth and E cup breasts to make your mouth water. Order her at:

Name Height Breast Size Price
Buy best curvy elf love doll Eirene from #1 sexdoll Marketplace in USA Eirene Fantasy Collection Sex Doll 5feet 5inches (165cm) E Cup $2,497.00

Wrapping Up

Games, movies, television shows, or any other source – we do not know how or when the frenzy to be with some special fantasy characters dwells in our hearts, and we cannot stop till we find a permanent solution to satiate this burning desire. Readily available at both online and offline platforms, fantasy sex dolls come as a day saver here. You can choose the one that matches your favorite fictional characters like anime and elves (or maybe your own Avatar to do some bang-bang), and start living out your fantasies for a more wholesome and rewarding life. So, begin fantasizing again with Only Dolls!

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