7 Most-Arousing Female Sex Dolls to Consider in 2022

7 Most-Arousing Female Sex Dolls to Consider in 2022

7 Most-Arousing Female Sex Dolls to Consider in 2022

Bearing in mind the number of boxes they tick in a bad boy’s bucket list, the popularity of realistic female sex dolls has reached an all-time high. However, keeping up with users’ frequently changing preferences is not as easy as it might sound on the part of female sex doll manufacturers.

Just some time back, silicone female sex dolls were selling like hot cake, and here we are now with customers inclining towards full-size female sex dolls made up of high-quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). At Only Dolls, we are committed to continually innovate, so that our esteemed customers can get optimum value for their money. Here are 7 of the most-arousing female sex dolls all-set to stun the world with their hypnotic appearance, inbuilt features, and Only Dolls signature craftsmanship (here’s a spoiler – we’re saving our newest launch for the last):

1. Porn Star Sex Dolls

Who doesn’t have a secret porn star crush? But the thought of living out this fantasy might have never crossed our heads. Well, we say – why not? Our porn star collection has some of the most lifelike female sex dolls that you can play with howsoever your heart desires. But hey, don’t let the pictures fool you; they’re just dolls!

2. Elf Sex Dolls

Female fantasy characters always manage to win our hearts, but can they make it to your pants? There’s a wide assortment of adult female sex dolls in our fantasy collection that boldly showcase that ‘ordinary is boring’. So, are you ready to have the best of both the worlds?

3. Asian Sex Dolls

Cheesy one-liners like ‘how you doing’ won’t do you any good unless you look like the Joey Tribbiani himself. But you can still fulfil your fantasy of sharing bed with gorgeous women from different ethnicities. Our Asian collection has some of the best female sex dolls to make you drool. Have a look, and decide for yourself!

4. Ebony Sex Dolls

Doesn’t black make everything seem more appealing? We feel you, black lovers! And so, our product assortment would have been incomplete without some ebony beauties to die for. So, transform your yearning into actuality, and choose your favorite black female sex doll today!

5. Moving Ass Sex Dolls

There’s something so soothing and rewarding about doggy-style that makes us want to tap those hips hard. It’s no surprise how a woman with voluminous hips warms up our hidden desires in a jiffy. Only Dolls has won much love for its hot female sex dolls with moving hips. Ready to check out?

6. AI Sex Dolls

With inbuilt artificial intelligence, not only would a female sex doll be able to rock your world sexually, but offer the closest-to-real experience. With her human-like speech and expressions full of love and lust, she can also be a warm company to return home to. Magic realism is right here, guys!

7. Dick Sucking Sex Dolls

As promised, here’s our newest launch – dick sucking sex dolls. All you need to do is penetrate her, and she can do the rest. Wondering why this section has the most erotic female sex dolls for men? One sneak peek is all you need to answer your question ‘do female sex dolls feel good?’ You bet they do!

Wrapping Up

Two of the most common questions our clients stumble upon once they decide to bring home a female sex doll are:

a) How much does an average female sex doll cost?

At Only Dolls, we always aspire to offer quality products at affordable prices. So, you can find ample of luxurious, yet cheap female sex dolls on our website.

b) What is the ideal height for a realistic female sex doll?

There’s no ‘one thing fits all’ in the world of these stunning sex dolls. Short, tall, petite or curvy, once you find your dream sex doll, the entire checklist goes off the window.

So, start dreaming, and make room for your ideal sex partner! If you are a US customer, you can buy our ready-to-be-shipped female sex dolls for sale here: