Best Sex Positions To Try With Your Sex Doll

Best Sex Positions To Try With Your Sex Doll

Ending up with a partner who doesn’t match your sexual wavelength could not only be frustrating, but also ruin your chemistry with them outside bed. If she’s not open to erotic experimenting as much as you are, or if he just comes home in an always-tired mood that makes it difficult for you to bring out his playful side, things can take a turn for the worse quicker than you anticipate.

The frustration and anxiety of not being able to relieve yourself sexually could be one of the biggest reasons behind growing intolerance for people in relationship, and severe psychological issues for singles and those who are struggling to come out of the closet. Now wouldn’t world will become a better place if there was after all a solution these real-world problems that are under-recognized as ‘taboo’?

Even though a wide range of products and exercises are available that claim to offer benefits like delaying the climax and keeping you in the right mood, they aren’t enough to garner a wholesome, real-like sexual experience. But sex dolls are different; they are the perfect personification of your ideal sex partner, and hence, stimulate your sexual energy like no other sex toy.

But if you buy sex dolls, and keep practicing just those three to four well-worn sex positions with them, is it really worth it? Why not allow your imagination to go haywire, and experience pleasure-filled sessions that you might never be able to get with actual women? Here are some of the tried-and-tested sexual intercourse positions to revolutionize the way you have sex with your love dolls, because hey, they will never say no!

1. Missionary

Let’s start with the most common sex position, which is also referred to as one of the most sensual ones by several sex therapists. A beginner’s favorite, the missionary position features the receiver to lay underneath the penetrator. So, you can place your love doll on her back with open legs (in the shape of an M), exposed to be pleasured by her owner.

What’s not to love about the missionary style after all? It allows you to enjoy the ride face-to-face with your partner with intense eye and skin contact. For the most intense stimulation in this sex position, you can try putting a pillow under your doll’s abdomen, and resting your hands on her boobs. And why just rest your hands on these erogenous zones, when you can nibble and play with them?

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2. Bent Over

For those who are enthusiastic about taking their romance out of the bedroom to other juicy spots, bending her over seems like a simple, yet amusing sexual position. As the name suggests, the bent over position features bending the receiving partner onto a sturdy countertop, and then giving it to her firmly from behind, either standing on your feet or laying low on your knees (depending upon the height of the countertop you are using).

To make the best of this position, place your doll’s head on the countertop with her hands. You can also make her wear high heels to come up to the ideal setting for both vaginal and anal sex. While at it, remember that the surface shouldn’t be too sharp, or you’ll end up scraping the lustrous TPE skin of your sex doll.

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3. Doggy Style

If you’re a fan of some real-time ‘woof-woof’, this could be your go-to position with your luxury sex dolls whenever you get an erection. The all-time-hit doggy style sex position involves deep thrusting your receiving partner from behind, while she is bent over on her hands and knees.

Many women and men find this sex position extremely pleasurable as it brings out your animal (dog) instinct, quite literally. Although your realistic sex doll doesn’t have a G-spot, and there’s no need for you to be concerned about her orgasms, you wouldn’t want to miss the alluring view of her back assets. For men who love this position, moving ass sex dolls are an ideal pick.

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4. Cowgirl

For gentlemen who are all up for feminism, and often wonder which is women’s favorite sex position, cowgirl is one of the most liberating options that allows the receiving partner to take up the role of the penetrator. Lie down straight on your back, and make her sit on your tool in a squat-like position with her knees bent. Now you can make her face you as you play with her jiggly breasts, or opposite your face (reverse cowgirl position) while you tear that ass up.

This position can reach to the pinnacle of satisfaction if you have a sex doll with moving hips as you can enjoy with the bootylicious rhythm of your doll without moving a muscle. Call dibs on this sex position to touch an all-time high while laying low. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

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5. The Cross

When it comes to flexibility, sex dolls might surprise you with positions that you will find difficult for real women to come to a consensus with. Take the cross position for instance! Lie down in a cross position (on your side) with your sex doll laying straight on her back, and her knees bent on the side of your waist while you fuck her from under her legs.

Sexy Love dolls might not be able to position themselves to suit your needs, but the way and duration in which they can retain the intercourse positions that you set them in is commendable. So, you can take your own sweet time to strike the most pleasurable angle, and support your body weight on your bent arm while watching her swollen breasts shake with the earthquake you are inducing down under.

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6. Against the Wall

Who doesn’t like shower sex? Peculiar locations like balconies are also a part of several people’s bucket list when it comes to sex, and when you own a sex doll, the entire house is a part of lab for your kinky sexual experiments. Make your sex doll stand with her face towards the wall and her hands placed on the wall to support her weight, hunch a little and invade her pleasure holes with your handful erection.

There’s a woman behind a successful man alright, but the ecstasy of standing behind a lifelike sex doll with close skin contact could be simply breathtaking. Here’s an expert tip for people who like rough sex – even though fuck dolls are quite sturdy, you must refrain from pulling her hair in this position as it can cause damage to her wig.

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7. Face-to-Face

Enjoying the view of that fine booty might keep you pleasantly stiff, but sometimes, you just want to look right in her eyes as you are giving it to her. And with AI sex dolls that can speak, blink, moan and feel comfortably warm against your skin, a face-to-face sexual position can open the gates of desire and indulgence that you never even knew existed. To follow it, all you need to do is sit with your female sex doll’s legs wrapped around your waist, as you are both facing each other.

A normal sex doll has about 24 moveable joints, so you’re in for a delight being in this hot position with her. Not only does this sex position takes your intimacy level with your sex doll to top notch, but also allows you to go for deep thrusts without breaking a sweat.

8. Spooning

Just in case you thought spooning is an ideal ingredient for a good night’s sleep, it can also keep you wide awake with non-stop pleasure. Just lie down with your premium sex doll on one body side with your chest strapped tightly to her sexy back, lift her top leg and penetrate her smoothly from behind.

This intimate sex position is truly heavenly for people who own heavy sex dolls like those with big breasts and voluminous ass. It could also serve you right in bitter winters as you wouldn’t need to change positions for night-time cuddle with your fuck doll. To make sex in this position feel extra real, you can dim down the bedroom lights, accentuate the ambience with candles and soft romantic music, and you wouldn’t even be able to tell your love doll apart from the other girls whom you have brought home after a wild club night.

9. Jockey

It might come out as a surprise to you, but you are not alone running in the race of accomplishing the fantasy of sharing bed with a submissive woman with lofty assets. Imagine placing your love doll on her stomach with her hands stretched up as you drop all your body weight on her, pressing her beautiful spine with your muscular chest.

You can gently stroke her from behind, and crash right on her booty as a reward for your hard work after you finish. The jockey position entitles you to a long night filled with comfort, passion and eroticism.

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Which is Your Favorite Sex Position?

Whichever is your favorite one from our list of different sex positions that can spice up your masturbation sessions with an extravagant touch of realism, we are positive that you’ll enjoy them better with our realistic fuck dolls. And because they look lifelike but are not actually living, you will forever be their central master, and they will adhere to all your wishes to please you just how you prefer. You can use them to fulfil your hidden sexual desires like tying them up or suspending them from the roof with ropes for some dominant roleplay, or using erotic props like sex swings to multiply the heat.

Here’s an expert tip – do not go all gaga, and vouch to try all these splendid sexual positions at once; it might leave you feeling overwhelmed like the greedy man who killed the goose that laid golden eggs. So, get ready for some roleplay, cook up an erotica, choose your favorite position, and let the fun begin!