A Complete Guide to Sex Doll Customization Options

A Complete Guide to Sex Doll Customization Options

Who doesn’t like going an extra mile for the things that they love? So, you are fond of sex and do not want to compromise on your access to lustful nights, and hence, you have planned to bring home a beautiful sex doll. But since you are making a handsome investment, it is obvious that you would want to choose the best model that complements your taste for many years to come. To give you the power to create your own sex doll with close consideration to your fantasies and preferences, Only Dolls offers a wide range of custom realistic sex dolls that come with impeccable customization options, including:

Color of Skin, Eyes and Nipples

From the color of their skin to their nipples, you get to choose what you like best. So, if you have a thing for a blue-eyed partner, or a dusky skinned one, you can create accordingly at Only Dolls. There are four color options for skin (dark, tan, natural and white), eyes (blue, green, brown and black) and nipples (dark tan, light tan, pink and nude). So, you can take your time in thinking about these options because they might make a big difference down the road.

Name Height Breast Size Price
Buy affordable shemale love dolls Alaia Alaia Customizable Doll 5 feet 5 inches (158cm) G Cup $1,483.00

Pubic Hair

The perception of pubic hair varies from region to region, and from person to person. Some people might like the intimate area of their partner completely shaved, whereas some might support stubble in a particular style, or some might have a thing for all-natural, long pubic hair. Whatever it is that you like, you can choose freely at Only Dolls, and create likeable realistic sex dolls as there are seven pubic hair style options along with clean shaven.

Name Height Breast Size Price
Buy Cheap realistic love doll Alaia Alaia Customizable Doll 5 feet 0 inches (153cm) G Cup $1,483.00

Feet Type and Hanging Hook

This particular customization option can go a long way in transforming your experience with your realistic custom sex dolls. You need to think about how you are going to use your most realistic custom sex doll – in standing position or would you prefer to lay it down in the act? In case you would want to try standing positions with your custom realistic anal sex dolls, you can choose feet with standing studs; otherwise, you can select the smooth feet option. It is also wise to opt for a hanging hook option at no additional cost for storage purposes.

Touch and Moan System

If you decide to buy customized realistic sex dolls from the online storehouse of Only Dolls, there are some proprietary AI technologies that come handy. One of these impeccable AI features is our signature Touch and Moan system that allows your custom love doll to moan seductively when you touch her on some special areas. This could be a game-changing feature to trigger an authentic and most satisfying orgasm.

Full Body Heating System

Another of these AI features that Only Dolls is proud to offer is its proprietary full body heating system. This system was designed to give our customers a realistic experience (by heating it to a human body temperature) while having sex or even just cuddling with their customized love doll. After all, that human-like warmth is difficult to say ‘no’ to!

Breast Type, Vagina Type, and Color of Labia and Nails for Women

Looking for the most stunning custom realistic sex dolls for men? Only Dolls features the best realistic female sex dolls with plenty of specific customization options like:
1. Nail Color - red, pink, black or nude
2. Labia Color – dark brown, light brown or pink
3. Breast Type – standard TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or gel-filled
4. Vagina Type – built-in or removable

Penis Size for Men

And we thought… why shouldn’t there be custom realistic sex dolls for women? Our custom male sex dolls come with the option of choosing penis size up to 10 inches. Could your day get any brighter, women?

Wrapping Up

Apart from male and female models, we also have custom realistic shemale sex dolls to give our customers an opportunity to embrace and experiment with their sexualities in a playful way. Here’s the link to our best custom sex dolls in 2022 for you to explore through: