All You Need to Know about Realistic Sex Dolls

All You Need to Know about Realistic Sex Dolls

All of us know that sex dolls have been around for several decades now, but considering their likeability amongst users, their sales statistics have shown a remarkable growth every year. The biggest contributing factor towards these growing sales numbers is the lifelikeness of these sex dolls. To understand their growing demand in the market, let’s ask ourselves the most basic question – what does a person expect from a sex toy? Well, we are all biologically programmed in a specific way to experience sexual satisfaction. Having a sex toy that stimulates our senses like a real partner is the only way to get true value for our investment. Hence, the answer to the question posed earlier is ‘closest-to-real sex stimulation’.

And so, every realistic sex toy in the market (from a plain dildo or flashlight pussy to hyper-realistic sex dolls) is aimed at providing a real-like sexual sensation for top-notch gratification. And among all the other lifelike sex toys, realistic sex dolls rank on the top of the hierarchy. This might raise some questions in your head, especially if you intend to invest in a hot realistic sex doll soon. Today, let’s resolve all your queries around the top realistic sex dolls at Only Dolls:

Are Sex Dolls the Most Realistic Sex Toy?

You can debate all you want, but the modern-day realistic life-size sex dolls are the closest you can ever come to in terms of real-like sex in the world of sex toys. After the popularity of realistic silicone sex dolls, sex doll manufacturers started using TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) to handcraft the world's most realistic sex dolls. Because of its exact human-like touch and feel, TPE material took these dolls to the next level on the realism spectrum. To try for yourself, you can visit your nearest sex doll store, and ask for a demo. The features, figures, skin and hair of all these fucking realistic sex dolls would leave you spellbound. They are simply crafted to finesse!

Integration of AI (artificial intelligence) into the best realistic sex dolls has further up the game. Because of this unique technology, you get to invest in the most realistic sex dolls that can perform humanlike functions to take you to another world of magical realism and sexual exploration. So much so, that they would bewitch you with a lifelike charm only after a few days of bringing them home. Only Dolls believes in giving the most advantageous value to its customers in the form of its products. We have developed some proprietary AI systems to keep our esteemed clients hooked and satisfied.

Our team has brought together some of the most arousing human actions to develop a master seductor in each of our sex dolls. For instance, our signature Touch and Moan System makes your sex doll temptingly moan when you brush it with your lustful touch. There’s another proprietary Full Body Heating System that’s the perfect customization option for those who hate the idea of lying next to an inanimate, cold sex object. It heats up your sex doll’s body to the temperature of a human who is turned on to take it to the next level. These stupendous features make every listed doll in our collection one of the most realistic sex dolls of 2022.

Not just this, while choosing a sex doll from the Only Dolls storehouse, you also get to choose from a plethora of customizations like gel-filled breasts in realistic female sex dolls, and penis size in realistic male sex dolls. These personalization options are meticulously designed to remind you of your closest and most enthralling sexual encounters with human partners. You can try pressing the gel-filled breasts of your sex doll, and feel an erection down under instantly.

What Type of Variation Can I Find in Realistic Sex Dolls?

We understand that the human world is very vivid; it simply cannot be anticipated at any day of the year. You meet different kinds of people every day – people who differ from each other in terms of color, built, height, hair, ethnicity and features. For all other factors, there is a wide variety available right in the customizations section, but ethnicity remains one of the most significant attributes in the world of realistic sex dolls.

At Only Dolls, there is a big assortment of sex dolls based on ethnicity that are designed to offer people an opportunity to explore their dream of sharing the bed with people from other regions without having to travel to another part of the world. Here are some of the bestselling realistic sex dolls for men and women from our ethnicity collection:

Realistic Asian Sex Dolls

We all have a hardcore crush on Asian men and women, thanks to the popularity of Korean dramas and Asian actors’ star appearances in some blockbuster Hollywood movies. Apart from their distinct features, piercing eyes and straight black hair, there’s a lot more that goes on when we watch them on the big screen. Visiting this land so distant and seducing a desirable Asian partner might be a herculean task, but a Japanese realistic sex doll would do the trick just fine. Here are our boldest Asian realistic sex dolls:

Realistic Latina Sex Dolls

There’s something peculiar about Latin women and men that makes our hearts skip a beat; just hearing them speak in that distinct accent feels so sexy that we often wonder to take them right there, right then. Based on these appealing traits, the experienced artists at Only Dolls have handcrafted some of the most breathtaking realistic Latina sex dolls. All you need to do is have a look at the revealing pictures of these dolls, and you wouldn’t be able to resist their charm, no matter what. Don’t believe us? See for yourself here:

Realistic European Sex Dolls

How many times do we had to postpone our Europe trip because of lack of funds, or some friend who ditched at the last minute? European women and men are bold and beautiful; they understand art, and you might have had no luck with them yet, but our realistic European sex dolls would fill up that void in your heart in no time. Having attractive features and figures, these exotic sex dolls would just need you to give them some outlandish name to get the fun started. Choose your favorite European model here:

Realistic Ebony Sex Dolls

You might not be able to put it bluntly out in the open yet, but there’s a fetish of some black love in all our hearts. And why not, when these people of color are carved like sex perfectionists? Well, it’s time that you embrace your fantasies, and live them out to experience immense pleasure that you truly deserve. Only Dolls gives you a chance to sleep with some of the hottest black individuals in the form of realistic black sex dolls. Click here to scan through our range of ebony sex dolls that would make you drool:

Realistic Mediterranean Sex Dolls

The Mediterranean climate is not just pleasant to live in, but the natives who belong from this region are also quite interesting to be with. They have an image to be open, kind, gorgeous, and… fucking good in bed. The artists at Only Dolls have brought some of the sexiest Mediterranean characters to life in the form of our exotic sex dolls. Not for a second would you feel that our realistic Mediterranean sex dolls have failed to keep you pumped up. In case you want to explore some fine Mediterranean sex dolls, visit:

Realistic Middle-Eastern Sex Dolls

There’s a reason why middle-eastern porn has such high rankings all over the world. People from this exclusive location look nothing less than sex gods and goddesses who are created with a lot of attention by the heavens up above. We have taken the role of the supreme creator and carved few of the most appealing realistic middle-eastern sex dolls that there can ever be. When you talk about the sexiest sex dolls for men, these exotic dolls are notorious to be the bestsellers.


Which are the Most Realistic Sex Dolls?

There has been a lot of debate about who finds which sort of sex doll the most realistic. But according to maximum users who have tried the most realistic sex dolls at Only Dolls, there are two types that ace the race with clear distinction, and they are:


Moving Hips Sex Dolls

How about the feeling when you are giving it to her from behind, she is fully charged with your deep thrusts, and starts moving her hips in synchronization to double up the pleasure? If you know this feeling, you would definitely like to confide in our moving hips sex dolls who perfectly resemble that outrageous motion. Explore this collection here:

Dick Sucking Sex Dolls

There are times when you don’t feel like doing the hard work, and it’s indeed sexy when the woman takes over. She practically sucks your dick into her vagina in a hypnotizing wave, and that can make any man crazy. Our dick sucking sex dolls do exactly this; they are designed to please you all by their selves. Unravel this collection here:


A Surprise Option – Realistic Shemale Sex Dolls

For those who truly want the best of both worlds, realistic shemale sex dolls are a popular option that feature both feminine and masculine charms to lure both men and women alike. These sort of sex dolls can also be used by couples to revive their slowly fading sex lives with a touch of passion and fantasy. Find this collection here:

Who Makes the Most Realistic Sex Dolls?

There are many sex doll vendors out there who claim to change your sex life with enticing lifelike sex dolls, but do their dolls live up to these claims is a different story. People invest a lot of money into these dolls, and when they are left behind feeling cheated, their trust is ruined in the entire sex doll community. Only Dolls feels the helplessness of these customers, and firmly believes in creating high-value products that can truly be an everyday part of their lives with impeccable quality, craft and realism.

Hence, we want every potential customer who lands on our website to be paired up with his or her dream sex doll. And for that, we have thousands of different sex dolls available at our online storehouse. There are so many diverse categories to choose from, and the pictures on every product page portray exactly what you are going to get delivered at your doorstep (but discretely so that you don’t cause a commotion in your neighborhood). Last but not the least, there is a plethora of options to allow you to create your own sex doll too.

How Much Does a Realistic Sex Doll Cost?

Considering their high demand, sex dolls can go up to a whopping $3000. You might click on a URL that says ‘cheapest realistic sex dolls’, but then, you find that their dolls are way more overpriced than what you have seen on other portals. Well, we know that there are a lot of people who don’t want to compromise on the quality, but have strict budget constraints. But as we are committed to deliver unprecedented quality at reasonable prices, you can find some of the most realistic yet cheap realistic sex dolls on our website. All you need to do is set the price filter appropriately (and realistically), and we can set you up with a hot pick in no time.

Some of our luxury sex dolls and fantasy sex dolls might not seem like a budget buy, but they consume an amplified amount of effort and investment to be crafted at our end. And so, we can’t help but be true to price. However, compared to the price offered by some other sellers in the market, our dolls from even these extraordinary collections can also seem to be a better pick. So, are you ready to start designing your dream sex partner?