Are Sex Dolls Good for First Timers?

Are Sex Dolls Good for First Timers?

Doing it for the first time is indeed one of the most special experiences, but sadly, it is also one of those times that you feel the most awkward, conscious and nervous. You want it to be a memorable first time, and the validation of your partner plays a significant role in turning this thought into reality. From the stare that we get from our partner once we get all our clothes off to every little sound that we make during the process, we are conditioned to set off to create a great first impression on our partner.

Sometimes, this pressure weighs us down, and we forget to focus on the beautiful moments that we are experiencing for the very first time. For men, it could become doubly embarrassing because their over excitement might result in premature ejaculation, or their anxious train of thoughts might hamper their erection. Soon before they know it, the entire school has labeled them as ‘freak of nature’ or even worse, ‘the boy with ED’.

When you are experiencing such troubling thoughts, doesn’t it get more difficult to reach out to girls, and letting the vibe of ‘one thing leads to another’ take over? In such a scenario, love dolls often emerge as a fabulous alternative to real women, but are they just alright for virgins? Today, the experts at Only Dolls have come together to melt all your doubts regarding sex dolls and virginity, and also explain how viable are these dolls for first timers! So let us get started without much ado!

Why Losing Your Virginity to a Love Doll is a Great Idea?

Satisfaction of Losing Your Virginity to a Non-Judgmental Partner

Unlike partners that you meet in real life, love dolls have no intentions to judge you; hence, you can freely test the waters with them. Needless to say, virgin people (especially virgin men) are quite perplexed about expressing their feelings to their sex partners, but when they are with female sex dolls, they can proceed without any such inhibitions. All you need to be bothered about is just fun, intimacy and pleasure. Neither will your love doll give you judgmental looks for wanting to try more than those three boring sex positions, nor will it ever make headache excuses when it is ‘just not in the mood’. She will be a faithful and submissive sex partner to you, as long as she exists.

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Enjoying Your Time without Worrying about Experience

What are the chances of losing your virginity to a virgin woman? If you are with a non-virgin person, the complexity of doing it all from step one multiplies to a great extent. But a female sex doll is designed to offer a virgin experience every time. In fact, they wouldn’t even have any strong opinions about sex to begin with, so that you can do as your heart pleases, and set your own rules. So, if you ever worried about satisfying your female partner, love dolls can come to your rescue.

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Mastering the Art of Seduction to Conquer the Real World

Every big game requires a lot of practice to be won, right? Similarly, lifelike sex dolls provide you a platform to polish sexual conduct. With life-size love dolls, you can enjoy physical intimacy without a trace of embarrassment, and improve your bedroom game up to several notches. You can continue to learn from your practice sessions with a cheap female sex doll, and be prepared to woo women around you.

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Joy of Being with the Mirror Image of Your Most Desired Partner

Lifelike sex dolls are not all about learning and practice; they also offer quite enjoyable sex. It might take a little while for you to feel comfortable getting intimate with your doll, but once you pass that stage, you can spend tempting nights of seamless sex. In fact, you can also open up to your doll about your sexual fantasies that might take a great deal of time and effort with a real person. All you need to do is choose your sex doll very thoughtfully; pay attention to each and every aspect of their personality, like their facial features and expressions, figure, skin color and even the color of their eyes – whatever works best for you, and soon before you know it, you will find yourself standing in front of the mirror image of your most desired partner (just like someone you have had a crush on but didn’t find courage to court). Regular sex or sex full of your hidden fantasies – everything becomes doubly fun with lifelike sex dolls. So, you don’t need to repress your fetishes or be concerned about the way that your partner will perceive them whenever you are sharing them with a sex doll. In fact, these dolls are proven to provide just more than sex.

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Wrapping Up

When they say ‘it’s all here’ pointing towards their head, they are not wrong in implying that your thoughts can make or break whatever is it that you are trying to do. Do not let these thoughts puzzle you anymore, and adopt a way that can turn your first time into a wonderful experience that is free from anxiety, stress and inferiority complex – bringing home the love doll of your dreams. Not just for sex, these beautiful love dolls can also keep you company whenever you feel lonely or down. It will be there to welcome you when you enter your apartment after a tough day at work, and will cuddle with you on the couch when you are binge watching a nice show.

We believe that you would be feeling more confident about choosing a female sex doll for your first time, especially after going through the advantages of this process listed by the experts at Only Dolls. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home a cheap female sex doll that will serve you like a partner who is ready to explore your sexual preferences just how you like them to be explored.

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