Are Sex Dolls Legal in European Countries?

Are Sex Dolls Legal in European Countries?

Came lockdown and pandemic situation, but the sex doll market kept flourishing beyond measure in Europe, mainly in UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. But what are the laws and regulations that govern this industry in Europe? Today, let’s understand what’s illegal in Europe, and what sells like hot cake when we talk about sex dolls. So, if you live in Europe with a heart full of desire, or are planning to settle there soon, this article might help you keep up with your colorful life with zero worries!

Ban on Sale of Child Sex Dolls

Just imagine this – you invest in an expensive commodity, and get trapped in a legal mess because of a nation-wide ban or prohibition that you did not know about. Not only would you get devoid of your high-end product, but you also might be forced to fight a lawsuit that would be hectic, costly and embarrassing. So, before you go ahead, and decide to bring a sex doll home, it’s better to wrap your head around the law encompassing these dolls in Europe.

The EU legislation strictly bans child pornography and child sexual abuse material under Directive 2011/93/EU. The European Commission takes its fight against child sexual abuse very seriously, and it is clearly defined in the fifth priority ‘Promoting our European Way of Life’. In support of this noble fight, the Danish Parliament has imposed a ban on the production and sale of child sex dolls. But as far as adult sex dolls are concerned, they can be made, bought, sold and used freely.

Growing Trend of Sex Doll Brothels in Europe

Sex doll brothels allow people to have a good time with lifelike European sex dolls at only a part of the doll’s cost. It’s a great setting for people who feel shy to talk to real women or are not looking for a serious relationship at the moment. In fact, people who want to experiment with a variety of lifelike European fuck dolls, and not just stick with one (but do not have enough resources including money and space to fit a collection of such real-like European sex dolls) can also benefit from these brothels. They can visit a nearby sex doll brothel, choose from their range of best European sex dolls, and take one to a private room for up to a couple of hours.

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Wrapping Up

That said, there is a need of adding some laws to the manufacturing of sex dolls in Europe. Well, there is a lack of regulation, due to which, sex doll manufacturers take the leverage of using toxic materials in the manufacturing process to save cost. This makes the consumers feel cheated with substandard sex dolls that do not live up to their expectations. But you need not worry about such scams because Only Dolls offers complete quality assurance and surprising innovations and customization options in their European sex dolls.

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