Best Selling Sex Dolls in 2022 and 2023

Best Selling Sex Dolls in 2022 and 2023

When illusion becomes much more beautiful and pleasurable than the real, there’s no harm in extending your hand out, and touching it every once in a while. Having access to such a satisfying surreal world can prove to be powerful enough to wash off your days of frustration and fatigue that come uninvited while trying to make the ends meet in the real world.

 A modern sex doll is a gateway to this fantasyland! Not only does it offer you the opportunity to share bed with the mirror image of your ideal sex partner, but also comes packed with incredible add-ons like getting to enjoy intimacy your way, whenever you want, but with no guilt trips and no strings attached. Surprisingly, realistic sex dolls have also been reported to keep you company with a distinct, human-like presence.

This is why, the concept of sex dolls is getting more and more popular as of late, and the list of people investing in them is rapidly increasing as they allow their users to fulfil their fantasies within the comfort of their homes. Already thinking of trying one? Only Dolls can help! Here’s a list of the most popular types of sex dolls that you'll be seeing everywhere in 2022:

Female Sex Dolls

One of the most interesting findings from several published studies on ‘sex toys’ highlights the fact that sex dolls are mostly purchased by men. There’s certainly something peculiar about full-size female love dolls that men aren’t able to keep it in their pants, but what is it? Well, these new-age female sex dolls are nearly indistinguishable from real women, but with much less fuss. So, instead of having to go through a dating app and worry about rejection, you can go straight to your very own realistic love doll  that guarantees satisfaction, and negates headache excuses.

Only Dolls has a wide collection of the best realistic female sex dolls in the market, including gorgeous blonde and black female sex dolls. Their real-like design is what makes men crave for intimacy, and these beauties know how to turn men on. They are created with high quality TPE material that feels great against your skin.

Name Height Breast Size Price
Auburn Sex Doll Madison Realistic Sex Doll 4 feet 7 inches (140cm) D Cup $879.00
Auburn Sex Doll Ariana Realistic Sex Doll 5 feet 2 inches (158cm) B Cup $897.30
Auburn Sex Doll Isla Realistic Sex Doll 5 feet 2 inches (158cm) B Cup $1334.70

Male Sex Dolls

In contrast to what we just learnt about the popularity of female sex dolls, several reports also suggest that the sale of real like male sex dolls have increased by almost 25% within 2017 alone. So, you must keep in mind that preferences across borders are not all same.

For instance, Japanese women purchase more sex dolls than men because there's less social stigma attached to women using them. Western countries like Germany and Austria have also seen a rapid rise in the number of female sex doll owners. So, it seems like women are getting inclined towards the company of male companion dolls over lousy one-night stands that start with cheesy pickup lines, and end with no call backs ever. For a wide variety of male sex dolls for sale, especially huge cock realistic male dolls, Only Dolls is a widely-trusted platform.

Name Height Price
Auburn Sex Doll William Realistic Male Sex Doll 5 feet 4 inches (162cm) $1797.30
Auburn Sex Doll Elijah Realistic Male Sex Doll 5 feet 4 inches (162cm) $1797.30
Auburn Sex Doll Dylan Realistic Male Sex Doll 5 feet 6 inches (167cm) $2472.30

Shemale Sex Dolls

Male and female sex dolls started off as a taboo undoubtedly, but their use is becoming increasingly common and normalized in our society these days. Of course, people might still shy away from showing them off to their family and friends, or taking them out in public as their realistic companion, but they have gained a degree of unsaid acceptance. So, why not shemale sex dolls?

Silicone shemale dolls have been in the market for a while now. But since they catered to a very limited customer base, they are nearly replaced by innovative and realistic shemale dolls that are crafted with TPE material and a removable vagina. Such shemale dolls prove to be much better to look at and touch than a conventional silicone shemale sex doll, and needless to say, they also appeal to a larger clientele.

Name Height Breast Size Price
Auburn Sex Doll Zoey Transsexual Shemale Sex Doll 5 feet 2 inches (158cm) B Cup $1797.30
Auburn Sex Doll Alaia Transsexual Shemale Sex Doll 5 feet 7 inches (170cm) D Cup $1797.30
Auburn Sex Doll Abigail Transsexual Shemale Sex Doll 5 feet 1 inches (155cm) B Cup $1797.30

Asian Sex Dolls

Japanese love dolls have been an inseparable part of the all-time-hit category in sex dolls. There was a time when female Asian sex dolls used to rule the market, but with the emergence of Asian male sex dolls, the demand for sex dolls with cute Asian features has reached a record-breaking high.

Name Height Breast Size Price
Auburn Sex Doll Amia Realistic Sex Doll 5 feet 0 inches (153cm) G Cup $1334.70
Auburn Sex Doll Shima Realistic Sex Doll 4 feet 11 inches (148cm) D Cup $1797.30
Auburn Sex Doll Molly Realistic Sex Doll 5 feet 2 inches (158cm) D Cup $897.30

Wrapping Up

What customers want in a sex doll is constantly changing, and trusted manufacturers like Only Dolls keep taking notes. Sex dolls made of hard vinyl, plastic and even silicone are no longer in trend, but now they’re built with high-quality thermo plastic elastomers to feel more like real skin and flesh. Many of these life-size sex dolls come equipped with automatic body-heating mechanisms to simulate a warm body (or two) like a real person would (because, let’s face it: a cold plastic doll isn’t going to win you over).

Experts suggest that most users purchase sex dolls due to reasons like loneliness and sexual insecurity, but end up simply falling in love with them due to the ‘surreal experience’ we talked about in the beginning of the blog. As a matter of fact, several couples also choose sex dolls to spice up their foreplay and intercourse sessions with their partner(s).

It’s hard to tell what love doll demographics will look like in 2022 exactly, but it’s reasonable to assume that men will continue to make up a larger percentage of sex doll shoppers. However, other genders seeking a companion doll are expected to give them a strong competition. What’s your type? Only Dolls has a luxurious assortment of cheap custom sex dolls waiting for you. Explore our full range today!