Expert Tips to Keep Your Realistic Sex Doll Safe

Expert Tips to Keep Your Realistic Sex Doll Safe

We welcome all important valuables into our abodes with the promise of maintaining their quality, and keeping them safe for a long time to come. After all, we have spent our hard-earned money on these priceless possessions, haven’t we? TPE or silicone sex dolls are no different. A love doll owner would also want to take the best care of his TPE partner – not just because he has spent a fortune on it, but also because a strong bond is developed between the doll and its master.

Now you must be showering oodles of love and care on your realistic sex doll on a regular basis, but is that enough? And does that care cover all the potential areas of a comprehensive love doll care regime? Well, if you have even the slightest of doubt in your heart regarding the care routine of your TPE or silicone sex doll, allow the experts at Only Dolls to put it at rest. Here are some of the easiest and most effective safety tips that will ensure that your love dolls stay with you for almost a lifetime:

Pay Attention to the Way You Unpack

The excitement of welcoming your realistic sex doll home, and the curiosity of placing her right before your eyes in one piece can cause a blunder, if you are not being careful enough. Experts suggest to keep your cool, and unpack your love dolls with attention to detail.

Most importantly, refrain from ripping apart the box that your new TPE or silicone sex doll arrived in. Even though you have decided in your heart that the box is of no use to you (here’s an expert tip – it can serve well as a storage box for your doll, especially because reputed sex doll manufacturers like Only Dolls), it is advised that you use cutters, and start by cutting open the edges of the box. Then take the sex doll of your dreams out with utmost care to start a beautiful and long-lasting relationship of pleasure, passion and satisfaction.

Refrain from Going Overboard

Observing this tip is especially important in the initial days of bringing a realistic sex doll home because new dolls are comparatively uptight and stiff as they reach to you fresh out of the manufacturing process. This is the reason why TPE or silicone sex dolls are said to offer a virgin-like experience forever (especially in the first few days or even weeks).

You need to remember at all times that stretching your new doll beyond what it can handle can damage it, even though these dolls seem to be quite human-like. Both TPE and silicone sex dolls rank high in terms of flexibility, but still, going overboard with stretching it can either slightly tear it, or leave a forever mark on its precious body. And we would never want that, would we?

Use the Right Way to Move It Around

The term ‘lifelike’ implies that a love doll is really like a human, even in terms of its weight. Some realistic sex dolls might weight up to 60 kilograms, which is quite heavy to carry for an average American man. So, if you were thinking that you will be able to toss your newly-arrived doll the way you please, it might never happen unless you possess some Herculean powers.

To carry your TPE or silicone sex doll with unmatched ease and comfort, you can use a wheelchair. You might want to discard this idea right away, thinking that it will give you an impression that you are sharing the bed with a patient. But gradually, you will grown fonder of this method since carrying the dead weight of your sex doll isn’t easy, and keeping it limited to just one room or setting is soon going to make things monotonous. Plus, a wheelchair can go a long way in preventing any potential damage to your doll while shifting it around, especially if you don’t have one, but an exotic collection of sex dolls.

Avoid Very Troublesome Sex Positions

This is a point that we as humans should also be considerate of, and love dolls need this kind of love and care too. Even though sex dolls at Only Dolls are made using premium-quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), there is a definite end to their sturdiness and flexibility (something that we have already discussed). Their body structure can be damaged if they are mishandled, or laid down in some awkward yoga positions (howsoever pleasurable it is for you).

Don’t get us wrong, we are not here to scare you, and sex dolls are indeed a great pick to try out different sex positions that you don’t usually get to experience with your partner. All we intend to bring to your notice is to handle your love dolls with tenderness. Strictly refrain from putting extreme amount of pressure your doll’s body, and practice relaxed sitting and standing postures as much as possible. For instance, laying your doll on its back while drilling her could save it from all the hardcore that is about to follow.

Wrapping Up

We are not asking you to walk on eggshells with your lifelike sex doll, but rather, follow a defined safety protocol to ensure that you have a great time with it for a long time. These measures might seem very overwhelming to be followed as you read them in this blog, but they just need a little practice. Soon before you know it, you’ll know what your sex doll is capable of, better than anyone. But till that time comes, be a patient lover.

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