Future Development Trends for Sex Dolls

Future Development Trends for Sex Dolls

From unanimated and monotonous silicone sex dolls to present-day vigorous TPE sex dolls that look like they are made in flesh and blood, the sex doll industry has come a long way. And considering the day-by-day increasing demand of customizable sex dolls, manufacturers have become more driven than ever to create better sex dolls every day.

This has resulted in a cutting-throat competition in the market with manufacturers coming up with new features to lure potential customers with more refined sex dolls. However, this point has also put prospective buyers in a lot of confusion about when to set foot in the market to be able to grab the best sex doll. Today, let’s see what future has in stock for these realistic sex toys, so that you can make an informed decision!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been used in the craft of sex dolls from several decades now, but the way it’s involved in the process every time is what makes it our number one trend on the list. Thanks to the modern technological advancements, AI sex dolls (or shall we call them sex robots) can perform a series of functions that take them several notches up on the realistic or humanlike spectrum.

Realistic AI sex dolls don’t just appear like a real human, but also perform actions like a real being. For instance, an AI sex doll can blink, respond, communicate, change its facial expressions, and even maintain a healthy human body temperature. Only Dolls is committed towards judicious implementation of artificial intelligence to offer the best AI sex dolls to all who seek to enjoy great, realistic and futuristic sex for a long time.

Possibilities to Customize

Everyone has a unique preference, especially when it comes to sex dolls. Somebody likes a blonde beauty with curves, and somebody has a thing for petite Asian sex dolls; some might be inclined towards BDSM, while some would just like to make sweet love to their partner. And why should anybody settle for anything less than perfect, especially when life is so imperfect as it is? So, shouldn’t there be a window of possibilities that allows us to relish being our true selves, even if it is for a small while?

This thought moved the Only Dolls team, and hence, we have a wide range of customizable sex dolls at our online store. From their hair and skin color to pubic hair, everything is customizable. In fact, you can even choose penis size for male sex dolls, and breast type (regular TPE or gel-filled) and vagina type (built-in or removable) for female sex dolls. You can easily customize sex dolls here, and bring home a sex partner of your dreams.

Lifelike Movement

One thing that puts a sex doll way behind a human partner is lack of movement. But today, trusted sex doll makers like Only Dolls have bridged that gap to a great extent. Not only does the TPE skin of these dolls makes them appear and feel ultra-realistic, but even their inbuilt systems (like our signature Moving Ass, Touch and Moan system, Real-Feel Pussy, and Dick Sucking features) add to their realness.

Our dick sucking sex dolls are a bestseller that are designed to take the users to another world of pleasure, contentment and passion. On one hand, moving ass sex dolls are designed to move their hips to pleasure your manhood. And on the other hand, dick sucking dolls suck your penis in to make you cum like never before.

Wrapping Up

Be it customizable sex dolls, moving sex dolls or AI sex dolls for sale, Only Dolls has everything, and that too, first-rate. So, what do you say? Ready to explore?