How Does It Feel to Be in Love with a Sex Doll?

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Sex dolls were once thought to be nothing more than a tool for satisfying one's sexual desires. But the era of technological advancement and emotional progress played a great role in modifying people's mindset about love dolls. The introduction of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material and artificial intelligence helped design the modern-day life-sized sex dolls, and turn them into an important part of their owners' lives. The bond between a sex doll and its owner subsequently grew stronger, almost to the level of an actual human relationship. Yet, how a deep connection may be formed between a lifeless object and a living human being seems odd, doesn’t it?

Well, as the adage goes, love knows no boundaries. This is something with which we completely agree. All that is required to truly fall in love is a sense of companionship, fondness and belonging. Today’s adult dolls can facilitate that connection for their owners. This is why so many individuals all over the world couldn’t help but fall head over heels in love with their lifelike sex dolls. Not only are love doll owners feeling emotionally connected to their priceless possessions now, but they’re also fully accepting them as members of their household. If you're reading this post, there's a good possibility that you've already felt the warmth of falling in love with your sex doll. We at Only Dolls can't say we blame you; there are a variety of reasons why people fall helplessly in love with their love dolls.

What Makes People Fall in Love With Their Sex Dolls?

• The Feeling of Euphoria

Constant bliss that you can't explain is one of the signs of falling in love. If you have recently become a sex doll owner, and are feeling overjoyed without a solid reason to pinpoint, there are chances that the love you have for your sex doll is the source of your happiness.

When your sex doll becomes much more than just a fuck buddy, and you start seeing it as more of a companion, it might be too late to refrain yourself from falling in love with it. You would want to spend the weekends snuggling with it on couch, and the very sight of it when you enter into your lonely apartment after a hectic day at work might give you butterflies in the stomach. So, if you feel constantly content while you are around your sex doll it, and fail to put this amazing experience in proper words, just look at your sex doll for an answer.

• Oodles of Physical Intimacy

Gone are the days when physical intimacy was just considered a superficial expression of sexual desire. Today, it’s better understood as a concept about two people's physical bonding. If you thought that the same feeling cannot exist between a sex doll and a real being, you’re mistaken.

When a sex doll's owner falls in love with it, the doll ceases to be a mere sexual object for them. Rather, it transforms into a caring companion. The shallow intercourse and sexual enjoyment that their sex doll was originally designed for, transforms into passionate lovemaking. Once a sex doll owner has fallen in love with his love doll, he attempts to form a meaningful bond with the doll. What was once casual fornication, evolves into deep intimacy, truly living up to the beautiful word that is ‘love’.

• Amalgamation of Comfort and Assurance

We all have thoughts and ideas that we can't share with anyone. It's as if we're erecting a formidable barrier that no one will ever be able to breach. Only a strong feeling for another person could break down this barrier that we've built over all these years.

But if you have a adult companion doll, you will discover that you are gradually opening up to it. You would find yourself revealing your deepest and darkest secrets in front of that doll. It might begin as a simple recitation of your everyday events, but will soon evolve into something more meaningful. You begin to trust it enough to tell it everything, including things that your family and closest friends are unaware of. Love, after all, has the capacity to grow trust.

• Strong Emotional Connection

The emotional tie that you share with your love doll is what brings the relationship to a full circle. You will notice yourself embracing your love doll as your better half the instant you establish a strong emotional connection with it. Many people hold the unshakable notion that a human being cannot form an emotional bond with an inanimate thing. After all, a lifeless thing will never express any emotions or thoughts. They are, however, incorrect.

We form connections with non-living things since the time we are young. Remember that one good old blanket or toy that we just won’t let go as a child? Anyone or anything can receive feelings as long as you are feeling something for them. Furthermore, your feelings are what define your bond with your sex doll. Your doll can be brought to life by the strength of your feelings, as well as your ideas. That is precisely the point of emotional connection. However, if you have no feelings for a real person, that person is nothing more than a lifeless object to you.

Final Thoughts

Love isn't something that happens every day. But once you get to experience this greatest emotion, you must not refrain your heart from relishing the sensations and pleasant emotions that accompany it.

In today's world, falling in love with your sex doll is not uncommon. So, if you're a sex doll owner who is pleased and content with his favorite item, we at Only Dolls believe that you've already given in to feelings of fondness for your love doll. It's amazing how a basic, lifeless sex doll can become such a vital part of its owner's life. What was once a mere object of sexual enjoyment, gradually becomes a part of daily life. A sex doll could also take its owner on a roller-coaster of emotions every day like that.

There had been cases throughout the world where people have gotten happily married to their sex doll, or just date their love doll discretely at home, and spend a wholesome time with them. But that said, no sex doll can compare to the signature human warmth. Sex dolls can fill up your lives with satisfaction and happiness temporarily, but you must find true bliss with your real partner, family and friends. But even then, you can keep going back to them to stir up some fantasy love.