A Complete Guide to Buy A Fuck Doll

Best fuck doll buying guide 2023

A fuck doll empowers you to stretch your hand, and live out fantasies that you have hidden in the deepest and darkest corners of your heart. But how much do we know about these realistic sex toys? Today, let us answer (in detail) all the questions you could probably have around adult fuck dolls. Yes, you heard it right!

The fuck doll experts at Only Dolls have gathered all the useful information about fuck dolls to melt your doubts, and invest a great load in your knowledge bank. We hope that this information proves to be helpful for you to make an informed decision about the perfect fuck doll designed for just you out there. Are you already excited? So, let’s start with the most basic question!

Who Invented Fuck Dolls?

Although we still don’t know much about the original inventor of adult fuck dolls, but the history of these amazingly realistic sex toys dates back to several hundred years. So, if you thought that life-size fuck dolls are a relatively modern product, you are probably in for a surprise. The 17th century Dutch sailors are believed to be the earliest sex doll users in the world. These dolls kept them company during their long sea voyages (with no trace of a woman), and also helped them relieve themselves sexually without the guilt of cheating on their human partners back home.

Even Adolf Hitler was rumored to have placed orders for life-size fuck dolls to keep his front-line German troops amused and power-packed during the World War 2. But nobody knew what the coming years had in stock for the sex doll industry; its steep uprise and marking of another phase of sexual pleasure for the coming generations has been truly, a remarkable journey.

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What is A TPE Fuck Doll?

After a long and celebrated era of silicone fuck dolls, the popularity gradually shifted to TPE fuck dolls. Why did that happen, you ask? Well, TPE or thermoplastic elastomer is a cluster of rubber-like materials, which is soft to touch and more durable than other conventional materials that were earlier used to craft real fuck dolls.

By using TPE to create the modern-day sex dolls, manufacturers had been able to launch the most realistic fuck dolls in the market. These dolls look and feel exactly like a real human. So much so, that if you touch them with a blindfold on your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from real people. Thus, we can say that the TPE fuck dolls are here to dominate the market for a long time to come.

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What Does A Fuck Doll Feel Like?

We have just talked about how realistic a TPE fuck doll feels like. But how would it really feel like while having sex with such a doll? Sex doll users (especially those having AI fuck dolls that can surprise you with a series of human-like features) claim that with lights set on the dimmer side, they felt as if they were having sex with a real person.

In fact, some people maintain that indulging in sexual activities with lifelike fuck dolls proved to be a more enjoyable experience for them as these dolls (obviously) act in a submissive and overly-provocative manner. You’ll have to agree that striking the same sexual wavelength with your partner is not always possible. But a life-size fuck doll is different; it would love you back the way you like because it acts as per your imagination.

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How Realistic are Fuck Dolls?

Since the use of TPE and artificial intelligence in sex dolls, they have managed to touch an all-new level on the realism spectrum. As we have already talked about, these life-size fuck dolls might pass down as a real human from afar. But now let’s talk about their realistic look and feel in detail.

There is a big group of people that dismisses the thought of buying a fuck doll just because they hate the idea of lying across an inanimate and cold product that doesn’t offer the real-like feeling that it claims. Obviously, people want the closest-to-real experience when they think of buying these dolls, or else, they would have just ordered a small dildo at a fraction of the cost that’s expected to be invested in a fuck doll. But as soon as they unpack and assemble their doll, half of their inhibitions melt away. And the other half vanish off when they hear their lifelike fuck doll respond to them (with the Only Dolls proprietary Touch and Moan System), and radiate a human-like warmth (with the Only Dolls proprietary Full Body Heating System). In fact, considering men’s evergreen love for realistic boobs, Only Dolls also offers the option to add gel-filled breasts in their female fuck dolls.

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Are Fuck Dolls Legal?

The legality of lifelike fuck dolls is still a big question for many interested buyers around the globe. People wonder if they could end up in a sticky spot because of their purchase, and that’s completely understandable, especially when you are spending a generous amount of money on a luxury fuck doll. After all, who would prefer a sex doll over jail time and the embarrassment that follows? Feminists especially treat these adult fuck dolls as a downfall for our society, and consider it only ‘right’ to deem them as illegal. According to them, sex dolls promote gender discrimination in sexual and several other related aspects of life. Let’s get our facts right once and for all!

Owning a sex doll or any other sort of sex toy that looks like an adult (so that it could never promote sex without consent) is perfectly legal in US, UK, Europe, and many other countries. Only Dolls strictly stands against the manufacture, promotion and sale of sex dolls that are intended to look like young children as it gives rise to abuse and sexual trafficking. But we also strongly believe that adult fuck dolls are a useful product that allows people to live out their sexual fantasies without having to cheat on their partners. These dolls also help prevent STDs, and sexual disorders and crimes. That said, if you are from a distant country ordering from the online storehouse of Only Dolls, it’s advised to check the prevalent laws around fuck dolls in your country beforehand.

Can A Fuck Doll Help Revive Relationships?

This could be a very tricky question to answer, especially when these sexy fuck dolls are still looked down on by a big section of our society. But in reality, many couples have benefitted from these sweet fuck dolls, and their success stories are quite inspiring for other committed people to try this out-of-the-box option to revive their relationship.

If you are picturing this as adding just female fuck dolls to a couple’s kitty, think far wide. Depending upon their desired sexual favors and preferences, they can choose male fuck dolls, or even more colorful option - shemale fuck dolls. This shuffle of partners helps couples come out of their shells, and save their slowly fading sexual relationship with an exciting twist. They learn to leave their hesitation and inhibitions behind, and enjoy a memorable sexual stimulation while being completely loyal with their human partners.

Is It Difficult to Maintain A Fuck Doll?

The manufacturing of your fuck doll plays an important role in setting up its maintenance schedule ahead in life. So, it’s a good idea to inquire and be sure about the quality and material of your fuck doll before investing your hard-earned money in it. Here are some common maintenance tips to retain your fuck doll for a long time to come:

Clean your doll regularly to get rid of dust and other pollutants. You must also clean it before using it for the first time to remove any possible factory residue.
Do not go overboard with oiling the body of your fuck doll. Do it just three to four times a year.
Moisturize high-stress areas (like knees, elbows and inner groin) of your fuck doll’s body whenever you feel it’s required. You can also follow the same practice with its oral, vaginal and anal openings.
Whenever you are planning to leave your fuck doll behind for a long time, rub baby powder or corn starch on her body, and store her well in her case.

How to Store A Fuck Doll?

Different users store their new fuck dolls in different ways, depending on their convenience and access to storage. Here are some pointers to remember while storing a fuck doll:

Try to store your fuck doll in a dark, dry and cool (room temperature is also great) place. Storing it in an area with sunlight can lead to damage and discoloration.
You must also not store your fuck doll in an area that’s prone to getting damp or infested with molds, just like bathrooms and garages.
Storing your doll at the risk of open flames, stained furniture or dark-colored clothes should also be avoided.
While storing your doll, remember to keep it in a natural and easy position that doesn’t stretch it unnecessarily.
An ideal way to store your doll is to lay it straight in the storage box that it arrived in.

How to Clean Fuck Dolls?

Cleaning your premium fuck doll regularly is important to keep it in good shape for a long time to come. Usually, your fuck doll comes packed with a cleaning/repair kit, its signature outfit and a user’s manual. For detailed information on how to clean different parts of your fuck doll, you can visit:

How to Warm Up A Fuck Doll?

The best way to warm up a fuck doll is opting for the Only Dolls signature Full Body Heating System at an additional cost of just $97. This system is an ideal solution to take your sexual experience with your fuck doll to another level by warming it up to a natural human temperature.

Can You Cum in A Fuck Doll?

A sex doll cannot get pregnant, nor can it pass on STDs. But many users still prefer to use a condom while going in their fuck doll to make penetration a hassle-free experience. Usually, a fuck doll comes with a built-in vagina. But you can opt for a removable vagina that could easily be taken out of the doll’s body, and washed. So, if you like to go commando and cum inside, you can do so by choosing a fuck doll with a removable vagina.

How to Dispose A Fuck Doll?

Everything has a definite age. After a long time of bliss and pleasure with your fuck doll, there would come a time when you would want to dispose it. The best way to do so is sell it off to someone who wants to buy a second-hand fuck doll. But while doing so, sanitize it thoroughly, and ask the buyer to repeat the sanitization process before using it to prevent any risk of infections.

How Much Does A Fuck Doll Cost?

For a regular TPE fuck doll, you would have to pay around $1000. The money rises significantly if you opt for add-ons, or choose a luxury fuck doll. If you are questioning yourself ‘are fuck dolls worth the money’, rest assured. Many happy customers at Only Dolls reveal that this was one of the best investments of their lives.

Where Can I Buy A Fuck Doll?

If you are wondering ‘which are the best fuck dolls’, and where can you find them, there are a lot of online podiums to choose from. Only Dolls is a premium sex doll manufacturer that has hundreds of perfect fuck dolls listed on its website. There are also a lot of customization options, so that you can create the partner of your dreams, and relish a rewarding sexual relationship. Ebony fuck dolls, Japanese fuck dolls, Latina fuck dolls, European fuck dolls,Mediterranean Sex Dolls or Middle Eastern Sex Dolls whatever it is that your heart desires you can find only at: