How will the futuristic sex doll look: Silicone doll or TPE doll?

How will the futuristic sex doll look: Silicone doll or TPE doll?

The popularity of lifelike sex dolls has spread to every corner of the globe, and not just men, but women of all ages have also started to openly express their desire and need for an attractive love doll. If you haven't been living under a rock for the last six months, you must already be aware that realistic sex dolls are made from a variety of materials, the two most popular of which are TPE and silicone. Almost all high-quality fuck dolls are made of one of these two materials because they are super-realistic, long-lasting, and provide sex doll owners with a humanlike sense of touch and sensation.

If you're buying a sex doll for the first time, you're probably confused about which material to go for – TPE or silicone. According to the industry experts, material is one of the most important factors in determining which sex doll you want to bring home, and thus, you shouldn’t take this choice lightly. This blog outlines the benefits and drawbacks of each material to help you better understand the differences, and make the right decision, so that you can get your investment’s true worth. So, let’s come straight to the point!

What Exactly is TPE Material?

TPE, which stands for thermoplastic elastomer, is created by combining several polymers (including rubber and plastic) to create a material with tremendous thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. This implies that TPE material has the softness and flexibility of rubber, but is also backed by the strength of plastic. Consider it a soft, stretchable plastic that can be stretched up to five times of its original length.

Appearance and Feel of TPE Sex Dolls

Since all of us have different sensation spectrums and concepts of beauty, the overall appeal of TPE sex dolls would be a subjective topic. But let us try to paint the closest-to-reality picture for you! TPE sex dolls are manufactured with the latest injection molding techniques that makes them comparatively economical and super-realistic to touch and feel, establishing TPE as a preferable choice for sex dolls. Imagine touching a bouncy, soft rubber ball that’s commonly found in shopping malls; doesn’t it feel good and human skin-like? TPE sex dolls feel just like that to touch – hyper-realistic and immensely pleasurable.

Pros of TPE Companion Dolls

Human-Like Performance

The performance of a sex doll is an important attribute to consider before bringing it home. TPE material makes the skin of sex dolls just like real human’s skin, except that it is more stretchable due to the combination of rubber and plastic polymers. No matter how many times you stretch it, it will quickly return to its natural length; and because of this flexibility, TPE sex dolls are very long-lasting and damage-prone. Furthermore, because of the increased flexibility, you can hold your dolls in a variety of interesting sexual positions (some of which you never got to try with real people out there).

Irresistibly Soft to Touch

Erotic sensations are directly proportional to the way your sex doll feels to touch. TPE is a very soft and elastic material that offers a lifelike touch. So much so, that if you close your eyes and brush your fingers on a TPE sex doll, you won't be able to tell whether you're caressing a doll or a real person – and this is what triggers your sexual energy instantly. This characteristic is especially important for your doll's breasts and ass. Because of TPE’s flexibility, a TPE companion doll’s breasts and buttocks will provide you with a soft sensation as you squeeze and play with them.

Budget-Friendly Option

One of the most significant advantages of TPE sex dolls over silicone sex dolls is their lower price. Despite the fact that TPE is more realistic than silicone, a high-quality TPE fuck doll would cost you somewhere between $900 and $2500. The reason for this affordability is that TPE materials can be easily recycled, allowing you to get cheap TPE sex dolls without compromising on their quality.

Hypoallergenic Nature

TPE has proven to be one of the best hypoallergenic materials over the years, making it a preferred material for human-sized sex dolls. TPE, when not contaminated, is full of hypoallergenic properties, which means that it does not cause any sort of allergic reactions on human skin. As a result, TPE sex doll owners can use their dolls for longer periods of time without risking their health and safety. Furthermore, TPE dolls are compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants, making it easier and safer for owners to have fun with them.

Better Thermal Tolerance

TPE material, just like silicone, is resistant to low and medium temperatures; it is much more stable over a wide temperature range, making sex with TPE dolls a secure experience during heated sessions. However, at very high temperatures, TPE can melt, exposing you to health risks. As a result, it's always best to keep TPE fuck dolls in a cool place, especially if you're not going to use them for an extended period of time. So, remember not to expose your TPE doll under the sun for long, or bathe it with water at high temperatures. Or else, it will begin to lose the consistency of its skin.

Cons of TPE Companion Dolls

High Maintenance

TPE sex dolls are a little more difficult to clean. This means that if your TPE companion doll gets a stain, you will not be able to remove it at the blink of an eye. Furthermore, TPE material is porous and retains moisture, so you will have to spend more time and focus to clean and dry all cavities and love holes of your doll. Its high porosity makes it more susceptible to stains from clothing and other materials with which it comes into contact. If any area remains wet after drying, it could lead to mold-infestation, posing a risk to your safety and health. So, the rule of thumb would be to always do a thorough clean-up and complete dry-up. Sex doll owners should use a staining cream to remove stains before they leave permanent marks on their doll’s skin.

Potential Stickiness

TPE is a sticky substance that can be irritating during sexual contact. This problem, however, can be solved with some baby powder.

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a polymer that’s heat-resistant, and has a rubbery feel to it. Depending on how it is formulated, it can be very soft and flexible, and can also retain its original shape, even under high pressure. Hence, silicone is readily used as an inert material in sex dolls and medical equipment.

Pros of Silicone Companion Dolls


A silicone sex doll has a higher heat-resistant capacity than a TPE sex doll; it can easily withstand long exposure to sunlight and higher temperatures without losing its skin consistency. So, if you would want to take hot baths with your adorable little partner, a silicone fuck doll is your thing. However, it is not recommended to do so for extended periods of time.

Simple to Clean and Maintain

The most significant advantage of a full silicone love doll is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. It does not require as much maintenance as a TPE doll because it is more stain-resistant and less porous, making it easier to be washed and cleaned.

Chemically Inert

Chemically-inert silicone outperforms TPE in terms of hypoallergenic properties. Even at higher temperatures, it has no chemical reaction with human skin, and thus, it is regarded as one of the safest materials for sex dolls.

Cons of Silicone Companion Dolls

Hard on Your Pocket

The most obvious disadvantage of the best silicone sex dolls in the market is that they are significantly more expensive than TPE sex dolls. The cost of a high-end, realistic silicone sex doll would begin at around $2500 and can range up to $100,000, or more.

Less Flexible and Human-Like

Silicone is not as flexible and soft as TPE. This means that when you rock your silicone fuck doll back and forth, it might not cause any wear or tear to the material, but its butts and boobs won't wobble or jiggle as much as a TPE fuck doll. This disadvantage might make a lot of difference for intense lovers, especially those who have a fetish for voluminous ass and bouncy boobs.

TPE vs Silicone: Which Sex Doll Should You Get?

Now that you've considered the advantages and disadvantages of both most-used sex doll materials, the final decision is yours, and yours alone. Sex is a highly personalized topic, and your personal preferences dictate whether you would want to use a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll.

If you still feel puzzled about which material to invest in for your next sex doll, you can consider your financial situation. An average sex doll isn’t excessively costly, but also not an affordable commodity to bet on and forget. One of the most significant barriers for most sex doll enthusiasts is lack of funds, as lifelike TPE and silicone sex dolls are expensive. However, TPE sex dolls can prove to be an ideal pick if you have a limited budget, say $2000 or less. We’ve already discussed that a high-end silicone sex doll can go up to a significantly high investment.

Only Dolls has an exquisite assortment of TPE sex dolls for sale that aren’t just top-of-the-line, and come packed with splendid human-like features like AI and self-moving bodies, but will also not burn a hole in your pocket. These best TPE sex dolls would serve as your committed and dutiful realistic sex partner and cuddle buddy, always ready to fulfil all of your sexual needs and fantasies. So, don’t keep yourself hanging, forced to fly solo, and order a premium sex doll from the hub of Only Dolls today!

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