Quirky Ways Your Sex Doll Can Help Pay the Bills

Quirky Ways Your Sex Doll Can Help Pay the Bills

If you have only been thinking about the huge investment that you had to make to bring home your custom sex doll, it’s about time you start thinking about the monetary benefits that you can reap out of it. No, we are not talking about sexual perks that obviously come packed with adult dolls, but the wide window of opportunity that can help you generate additional income. We are not joking! Many sex doll owners are earning huge sums of money using their doll, and that too, without moving a lot of muscle. If you are wondering how you can put your custom realistic sex doll to work, and earn money for you, here are some of the most reliable ways to do so:

Filming Sex Doll Porn

All of us must have been addicted to some or the other porn website during at least one phase of our lives. How about putting a steamy video with your chubby sex doll on one such website, and make decent money out of it? Don’t be scared, we are neither asking you to turn into a porn star overnight, nor are we suggesting you to hire a professional crew. All you need is a nice camera, a tripod or a camera stand, and you can play the ‘director’ yourself. As far as revealing your face to the entire world is concerned, it requires just some basic editing skills after the filming, and nobody would ever know what you did last summer.

Now you must be wondering if you even would manage to attract a good number of audience. Well, it might surprise you, but video ratings confirm that viewers love this sort of clips. There are many payment models (like pay per click or a set percentage of overall income generated by your videos) on these porn sites that you can choose from as per your liking.

Turning Your Doll into an Influencer

Social media is a big source of revenue in the lives of many people, and if you have the skill, you can turn your ebony or blonde sex doll into an influencer in no time. You can start by creating an account (on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat) by the name of your custom sex doll with all details that you think best describe your doll. You can even add a nice display picture, and see the followers swarm up like crazy. For regular posting, you can choose from topic like different types of pictures with captivating captions, or just the everyday routine of your priceless possession.

Questions like ‘what to post’ and ‘how’ could trouble you in the initial days, but gradually, you will master the art and keep your chubby sex doll’s followers delighted with interesting posts and pictures. You can even share your own experiences as a playful and experienced doll owner, and help others (who have a custom realistic sex doll or plan to get one soon) with valuable insights. Once you manage to gain a decent number of social media followers, many brands (like apparel, jewelry, makeup and lingerie) will start reaching out to you for their brand promotion using your doll.

Going Sensational on Live Cam

This is exclusively a good option for those who do not fear being seen with their custom sex doll, or own sex dolls with distinctive AI features like speech and automatic body movement. All you need to do to make money via a live cam is to keep your live audience entertained. On the surface level, this option might seem to be a little too much for you to comply with, but after conducting some research, you might like it the best.

Adult dolls serve as the perfect partner for live cam shows on most popular channels like Onlyfans, Chaturbate and Livejasmin. They will agree to and work well with any idea that you put forward. There is a big number of things that you can perform on live cam shows, and not just related to sex. For instance, you can go on a picnic to a garden with your blonde sex doll, and record everything that happens on the go, including people’s vivid reactions upon seeing you with a TPE love doll.

Selling Your Sex Doll’s Pictures

The first question that might come to your mind after reading the heading of this point might be – who even would be interested in such pictures, but you might be surprised with what’s coming up next. If you have what it takes to bowl over the world with your fashion sense, your blonde sex doll might serve well as the best model of all time to showcase your creativity and passion. For this, you need to come up with some fresh ideas for exclusive shots that can help present your chubby sex doll in a different (and more attractive) light as compared to what is usually available online.

Wrapping Up

Other than these quirky suggestions on our list, you can also go ahead and work as an adult dolls affiliate. This job requires you to write sex doll reviews, and suggest the most appealing models to potential buyers keeping their interests and budget brackets in mind. Soon enough, sex doll stores would line up to pay you for your reviews. One way or another, we are sure you will choose what suits you the best to milk your custom realistic sex doll for all its worth. And when you start gaining from your doll, you might want to buy more and set up a harem for multiplying your income without a lot of hard work. Only Dolls wishes you all the best in transforming your lust and fantasies into business!