What are the Most Popular Sex Toys for Women 2022?

What are the Most Popular Sex Toys for Women 2022?

Gone are the days when women used to shy away from talking about sexual satisfaction and wellness. Today, they do not want to lead an incomplete life on any front – personal, professional, and even sexual. They have learnt to prioritize their own happiness and satisfaction, and hence sex toys for women like male adult dolls came into the picture.

These sex toys are designed for women to experience the epitome of sexual pleasure without the involvement of any man, even another woman. They have become a common commodity for women who like to take charge of their own sexual gratification, and technological advancements have further helped them ace this mission by launching the most sensory sex toys in the market. If you feel like you need to be wooed right, and you do not want to wait for the perfect date, here are the most popular sex toys for women that are truly worth a shot:

1. Dildos

Dildos are one of the most common and portable sex toys for women. They are designed to exactly resemble a male’s penis with intrinsic detailing (like veins) to stimulate both your senses and G spot. Mostly made from silicone, a dildo feels surprisingly real-like in terms of skin texture. So much so, that it’s difficult to tell a dildo apart from a real penis with your eyes closed. There are a plenty of customization options available for dildos like their size and skin color to offer a desirable penetration experience.

2. Vibrators

Vibrators are penis-like sex toys but with a more mechanical look and feel. Their biggest selling point is that they are able to produce a very sensory experience below the belt. Both gay and straight couples use vibrators as their go-to sex toy for women. If a vibrator has been on your list for too long, it’s better to go for a cordless rechargeable one with different vibration settings to have all the power to please yourself in your own hands.

3. Oral Sex Stimulators

If you crave for someone to go down on you often, oral sex stimulators could be the game-changer you truly need. This unique sex toy offers an oral-sex-like experience with rhythmic pulses of air. Words cannot describe the sensation this toy provides; you would have to try it to assess the boundless clitoral pleasure that it can offer.

4. Life-Size Male Sex Dolls

Male fuck dolls are quickly ascending the ladder of women’s most favorite sex toy. If you’re new to sex dolls and contemplate what does a male sex doll look like, you need to know that these real looking male sex dolls look and feel exactly like the man of your dreams to offer closest-to-real, satisfying sexual encounters. To melt your doubts, Only Dolls team has assorted a list of some FAQs around male sex dolls for females, and here they are:

• Where can I buy a male sex doll?

Our TPE sex dolls offer an authentic sexual experience, leaving only little room for imagination. You can start browsing through our bestselling collection of big dick male sex dolls and brown male love dolls.

• Can straight men use male sex dolls?

We don’t see why not! Many straight couples buy these dolls to spruce up their relationship with fulfilling threesome sessions. You can also keep a desirable male sex doll to experiment some gay fun.

• How to customize your male sex doll?

There are plenty of customization options available like skin color, eye color, hair color, chest hair and pubic hair, so that you can create a perfect match for yourself.

• How to use male sex doll?

Having fun with our sex dolls is no rocket science. In fact, you might find it easier and more pleasurable than real sex.

• How much does a male sex doll cost?

Male sex dolls might be the most expensive sex toys for women in this list, but they are also the most durable and pleasing. For high quality yet cheap male sex dolls, Only Dolls might be the perfect online storehouse for you.


If you are wondering about sex with a male doll, we can’t wait to have your journey started. Have a sneak peek: