Where to Find the Most Customizable Sex Dolls 2022?

Where to Find the Most Customizable Sex Dolls 2022?

Even a small ballpen engraved with our name makes us feel special, doesn’t it? There’s no denying that customized items provide us a feeling of belongingness and ownership. They delight us with the essence of being specially made for us, and nobody else. Maybe this is why, businesses all across the globe contain ‘customization’ as an integral part of their product promotion plan to get the numbers up. They get to increase their sales, and customers get to bring home a more personal and exceptional product. Isn’t it a win-win for both?

Well, we at Only Dolls thought – why not offer a range of customization options to give our customers the most unique and personalized sexual experience ever! So, if you are looking for custom sex dolls to serve as your perfect sex partner, companion and snuggle buddy, you’re at the right place today. All you need to do is find out a sex doll that your heart is fixated on, and then choose your desired specifications to create a partner of your dreams. To give you a clearer picture, here are some of the customization options that you get to choose from in case you want to get something different than ‘as pictured’:

Skin Color

We all have a fantasy towards a particular skin color – be it deliciously dusky or a fairytale-like pale white. So, to give you an impeccably customized sex doll, our customization options start with different skin colors including dark, tan, natural and white.

Nipple Color

Women enjoy playing with their partner’s nipples as much as men do. And hence, for all the customizable sex doll featured on our website, you get to choose the perfect nipple color ranging from dark tan and light tan to pink and nude.

Eye Color

Doesn’t it all start with an eye contact? Lifelike sex dolls are no different! Let your custom sex doll‘s eyes talk by accentuating its look with your favorite color of eyes, be it blue, green, brown or black.

Pubic Hair

Some like it clean-shaved, and some have a zinger for pubic hair. You might not be able to convince your partner to adapt to your liking, but at Only Dolls, you can certainly have your way. We offer not one, but 7 different pubic hairstyles to serve you well.

Feet Type

If most of your loving time is expected to happen on the bed, you can go for smooth feet. But if you’d want to experiment different sexual positions (like against the wall) with your custom love doll, standing studs is the option that you should opt for.

Storage Accessories

Not all of us have enough space in our closets to store custom love dolls. And even if we do, having an extra storage accessory is going to prove quite helpful in the future endeavors. So, experienced users always suggest to have a hanging hook at just a little extra cost.

Advanced Full Body Heating System

Tossing in bed with a dead-cold sex doll might not be your perfect idea of romance. You can tick our Advanced Full Body Heating System to relish a human-like warmth, and take your sexual experience to the next level.

Wrapping Up

Hey wait, customization options don’t end just yet. Apart from this, you can choose between the penis size from 6 to 10 inches if you’re buying a custom male sex doll. And for customize female sex dolls, you get to choose their labia color (dark brown, light brown and pink), and nail color (red, pink, black and nude). If you’re a thorough lover, you can also upgrade your customizable sex doll’s standard TPE breasts to a pair of realistic gel-filled breasts and her permanent vagina to a removable one for added hygiene and convenience. Add Only Dolls proprietary Touch & Moan System to this, and your forever sex goddess is ready. All-set to create the sex doll of your dreams? Click: