Why are Full-Size Realistic Sex Dolls So Appealing?

Why are Full-Size Realistic Sex Dolls So Appealing?

Full-size silicone sex dolls have replaced the position of an interactive human lover in many people’s lives, and for good they say (at least temporarily). Imagine when state-of-the-art technology like better TPE skin, AI (artificial intelligence) and virtual reality are fully integrated into these love dolls, how high could their status rise in our human society. Such a beautiful sex doll will undoubtedly look and feel like your ideal companion, complete with a voice, customizable looks, and even a suave personality.

Hold on! A lifelike motorized sex doll that actively has sex with you, reacts to your spoken language, and looks amazing with or without virtual reality glasses, is on its way. And until the motorized talking ones arrive in a few years, let's get the job done with full-size love dolls that are the closest to the real thing.

Growing Popularity Behind Full-Size Love Dolls

Sex is no longer a taboo or socially awkward topic, and this, to some extent, is responsible for the rise of sex dolls. But, aside from the fact that sex is no longer considered taboo, what is the other factor that has boosted the adoption rate of sex dolls to unprecedented levels? Let’s do the math!

  • Lack of Time and Patience

Relationships are a lot of work as it is. And with their busy schedules, people don't have the time or patience to commit to a full-fledged relationship, but they must satisfy their inner desires and needs. Or else, they can fall prey to severe psychological issues resulting from unhappiness, dissatisfaction and sexual frustration. But with a high-quality, yet cheap full body sex doll, you get the freedom to slide all the cons off the table, and just enjoy the good stuff. So, if you look forward to get a taste of a no-obligation relationship with a forever young woman, a realistic female sex doll might be a safe bet, since she’ll look as young and sexy as the first time you see her.

  • Unrealistic Expectations

All thanks to the world of entertainment, several people have raised the bar so high that they fail to meet their desired partner matches in the real world. This is especially unfair to men; let’s understand how. Because of hypergamy, women with attractiveness ratings of 5-7 on a scale of 0-10 are more likely to attract the attention of men with attractiveness ratings of 7-8 or even 9. This has resulted in a large number of useless guys in grades 7 and below to fall under the slab of people who almost never get laid, unless they have a long-term girlfriend/partner, or pick a 2-5 graded girl from a club who looks like a potato sack monster with a mustache and a bold head. Hence, love doll manufacturers are more drawn to create female love dolls than male sex dolls or shemale sex dolls than male sex dolls.

  • Accomplishment of Fantasies

Even if you cross these barriers and find a suitable partner to share the bed with, chances are that you won't have it the way you actually want. Finding and retaining a partner with mutual sexual fantasies is almost as difficult as getting to see a cluster of rainbows. Plus, it’s no brainstormer that women use sex as a tool to manipulate men; it might take them a week’s sex strike to lure their men into succumbing to their ways. Think about the frustration of being turned down day after day with excuses as lame as a minor headache or a paper cut. Sex dolls can come as a savior here; whether you want to suspend them from the ceiling, or use unconventional sexual positions with them, you can do it all. Just think of a new way to fulfill your fantasies every day, and live your life king size!

  • Lofty Cost and Risk of Paying for Sex

Gone are the days when you could land up a hottie at just a drink’s expense. On the other hand, relying solely on escort services can be costly, carry the risk of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), and doesn’t always offer as good an experience as it claims. This forced people (especially men) to come up with more appropriate and safe methods to satisfy their sexual desires, and needless to say, they shifted their attention towards life like companion dolls. These premium sex dolls allow people to enjoy guilt-free and secure sexual episodes without putting in a lot of effort and having to face constant rejection.

  • Availability of Countless Exotic Options

Not only are these cheap life size sex dolls slowly becoming the future of great sex, but also enable the owners to relieve themselves in a safe, no-strings-attached way. So, if you are tired of becoming the laughing stock amongst your peers for your oddest quirks and exotic fantasies, there are plenty of options available in the sex doll market today. From Asian silicone sex dolls to Latina sex dolls, these real-like companions are designed to provide you with next-level pleasure of getting the honor of living out your deepest, darkest desires. And all of this, without nags, tantrums, and mood swings that you'd expect from real women.

Full-Size or Miniature Sex Dolls: What to Select?

Now that you’ve understood why you should invest your emotions, energy and money in purchasing a love doll, let's also wrap your heads around how they can help improve your overall lifestyle. Having our house flooded with hot, horny girls would always be an unrealistic dream, but a luxurious collection of adult dolls might be the closest point to that overwhelming epiphany.

Some people might debate about the fact that a full-size sex doll takes up a lot of space, and hence, people with smaller apartments should go for more portable sex toys. But these ‘portable’ sex toys do not give you the illusion of a real-life partner. Realistic sex dolls might take up more space than other contemporary products, but the comfort of having someone around in an empty apartment will be worth it. All you’ll need to do is store her properly, comfortably, and safely. You can use a proper sex doll storage case, or at the very least, a hook for hanging her securely by her neck (although it might look a little spooky).

Multiply Your Chances of Getting Laid with Lifelike Sex Dolls

You might be surprised to discover what boundless sexual satisfaction can do to your attitude towards life and confidence level. You'll indeed feel more relaxed and confident, and your status as the ‘overly horny guy’ in your close social groups would change to the ‘interesting and appealing guy next door’.

This aura of getting laid a lot will certainly make women wonder – this guy seems like a chic magnet, there must be something good about him. When you provide real women a sense that you're already getting a lot, they’ll come around. Therefore, a realistic sex doll is likely to increase your chances of landing your desired partners in bed.

Vivid Assortment, Affordable Costs – Can We Get Any Better?

To begin with, our range of offerings is not only extensive, but also constantly refreshed. Our assortment of blonde sex dolls and Mediterranean sex dolls includes the best and most up-to-date sex dolls in the market. Only Dolls is also a renowned name to grab irresistible deals on the best ebony sex dolls and fantasy sex dolls.

What Do You Think About A Custom-Made Sex Doll?

You now understand how a fully mature sex doll can fulfill your needs, while also making you more appealing outside of the house. However, finding the right lifelike adult doll that does justice to your hard-earned money and carnal desires is extremely difficult. But don’t worry; you've come to the right place if you're looking for a really sexy and well-rounded love doll because you're reading this piece on Only Dolls Blog.

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And… the frenzy doesn’t end here! Most of our lifelike love dolls come packed with splendid customization options, so that your experience with it is immeasurably enjoyable and memorable. Basically, you can customize your sex doll's hair, pubic hair, breast size, body type, nipple size, vagina type, toenails, eye color, nails, heating, and a variety of other features. All our premium sex dolls are sold complete with various accessories that will enhance your experience with them. Among these accessories are the sex doll’s signature dress and wig. So, do not forget to choose the right sex doll accessories to elevate your sensual experience with your doll.

The Clock’s Ticking; What are You Waiting for?

Fling open the pleasure gate, why wait for the perfect date?

We’re sure that by now, you must be feeling highly provoked to bring home a voluptuous full-size sex doll. If that's the case, you are most certainly at the right place. Featuring a distinct customizable appearance, our lifelike sex dolls are available in a range of heights, weights and body shapes. The bigger you would want your sex doll’s assets to be, the more weight it will possess, but an average Only Dolls doll can be easily carried by one person with the regular BMI. Our website features precise description and details of every love doll, so that you can make an informed decision.

So, you no more need to hold yourself back now. Just visit our online store, order your favorite sex doll, and be prepared to embrace her with a lustful heart and an arousing name.

We only use the highest quality TPE in the market to handcraft a plethora of sex dolls. We have already talked about our collection of ethnicity-based dolls (like European sex dolls), but you'll also be blown away by the vast selection that we have to offer, including curvy sex dolls, skinny sex dolls, big booty sex dolls, and athletic sex dolls. In short, you'll be spoiled for choice when you shop for a sex doll at Only Dolls.

One of the biggest challenges during sex doll shopping is that it is extremely difficult to find good deals. Why, you ask? That's because sex dolls are exorbitantly expensive, costing an average of $1000, which is precisely why people abandon the idea of living with one. Only Dolls thought of changing this scenario. Today, one of our most sellable aspects is that our dolls are reasonably priced. That way, the majority of people who secretly harbor a desire to make love to a doll will not have their dreams dashed.