Aurora Realistic Sex Doll | 5’ 0” Height (153CM) | C Cup | EU Shipping Only

With an instant exotic appeal to get your hormones racing, the Aurora realistic sex doll has one of the sexiest pair of eyes. It is exclusively designed with generous breasts and hips to keep your hands full every day. Imagine returning home after a hectic day at work, and her hot gaze melting you into ejaculating all over her. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it? So, don't wait anymore, and bring her to your bedroom today.

This premium sex doll is only available for our European customers. Order her from our ready-to-ship EU stock today to have her shipped for free, and discreetly knock on your door lightening fast.


Height (cm) Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm) Vaginal Depth (cm) Oral Depth (cm) Anal Depth (cm) Packing Size (cm)
153 97 66 110 16 12 14 155 x 45 x 36

Why choose Only Dolls?

All sex dolls at Only Dolls are handcrafted with the highest quality thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) to give you a closest-to-real experience. Featuring life-like details, flexibility and resilience, these realistic sex dolls are designed after the most attractive women around the world to awaken your deepest fantasies.

Choose one of our authentic sex dolls, and enjoy benefits like:
  • Always Available for your Comfort and Pleasure
  • Quick Cleaning and Low Maintenance
  • No Alimony and No Menstrual Cycles
  • No Headaches and No Answering Back