Liam Realistic Male Sex Doll | 5' 4" Height (162CM) | Customizable

Showcasing a dashing body that cannot be burnt and sculpted without endless gym hours, the Liam muscular sex doll will capture your heart with its hypnotic appeal. This custom male sex doll with black hair and an Asian outlook can be tweaked with your desired personalization options. Ready to devour this six-pack, big dick doll?


Height (cm) Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
162 90.5 72 95

Why choose Only Dolls?

Custom male sex dolls at Only Dolls are handcrafted with the highest quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) to give you a closest-to-real experience. Better than male silicone sex dolls in terms of their life-like details, flexibility, and resilience, these big dick dolls are designed after the most attractive men around the world to awaken your deepest fantasies.Not sure if this one could be the doll of your dreams? Don't worry; there's plenty of fish in the sea. Based on your desirability, may we suggest you to also check out custom male sex doll, or big dick doll? Or maybe muscular sex doll would serve as your ideal partner. Happy Exploration!

Choose one of our muscular sex dolls, and enjoy benefits like:

  • Always Available for Your Comfort and Pleasure
  • LQuick Cleaning and Low Maintenance
  • No Headaches and No Answering Back
  • No Erectile Dysfunction or Male Ego