15 Reasons Why Men Love Female Sex Dolls More Than Real Women

15 Reasons Why Men Love Female Sex Dolls More Than Real Women

The popularity of realistic female sex dolls has grown dramatically over the years, despite the fact that the subject was once considered a taboo (with some shame attached to discussing it in public). In general, surveys have revealed that men prefer to engage in sexual activities with female adult dolls rather than actual women, implying that men prefer to fall in love with a doll rather than a real woman.

Why are female sex dolls popular especially among men? Why don't they pursue real ladies instead of spending hundreds of dollars on lifelike silicone dolls? Well, the Only Dolls team presents the top 15 reasons to invest in these dolls put forth by real female sex doll owners:

Pro Tip – This blog might seem like a bit too much to some women, as it is specifically written to address the everyday struggles that men face in a relationship. So, if you are a woman who cannot take heat, we suggest you to switch to another blog on our website that relates to you well. But if you are game, we wouldn’t discourage you. In fact, you might gain some valuable insight into the mind of the married man for future references (you get what we are saying, right?).

1. No Need of Alimony

In today's society, alimony, which is defined as the legal obligation to financially support a spouse after a divorce, is very frequent. It is usually a man's legal and moral responsibility to care for his partner, both during the relationship and after their divorce, particularly if they have children together. When a man, especially one who prefers polygamy, sees the amount of money that will be directed to alimony, committing can be very frustrating.

When you don't want to worry about having to pay money to care for your spouse throughout (and even after) a relationship, life-size female sex dolls are an excellent alternative. The only alimony that these dolls would want from you is little maintenance every now and then. However, if you clean them regularly and store them properly when not in use, they will need minimal maintenance. Simple, right? Even better, the polygamous community will not have to worry about alimony; it is far more economical to care for multiple sex toys than it is to pay alimony to multiple partners. This makes these pleasure dolls incredible and affordable to own and maintain; a compelling argument to invest in a realistic female sex doll.

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2. No Risk of Sperm Theft

Two scenarios can be described as sperm theft – one involves a woman becoming pregnant after intercourse that the man assumed was protected, and the other involves a lady stealing a used condom from a male who is negligent after sex and does not dispose it properly. The former method may be considered a kind of fraud or a violation of contract; it is considered stealing. And in the second, the used condom can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including evidence of adultery, basis for a child support test, and good gene storage.

Full-size female sex dolls can come very handy in preventing sperm theft. After having intercourse with the doll, the owner should clean it as soon as possible by simply pouring water through the orifices to remove the semen. While this does not completely eliminate the risk of sperm stealing, it significantly reduces the likelihood. Sperm theft is a serious crime that is penalized by law; therefore, going to a sex store, and getting a pleasure doll you've always wanted should be a good way to rightfully channelize your bloodline.

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3. No Child Support in Separation

Following a divorce or the termination of a partnership, child support is defined as a periodic payment paid by a parent for the benefit of their kid or its caretaker. Just like alimony, usually a man is supposed to pay his wife (from the previous relationship) to financially support his kid/kids, either directly or indirectly. The amount can go to the guardian, care provider or the government.

Given that lifelike female sex dolls are inhuman and cannot produce children, having intercourse with this pleasure goddess, regardless of the intensity or frequency, has no chance of producing a child. With studies suggesting that non-custodial parents in US paid more than $33 billion in child support in 2015, female sex dolls are a must-have. When compared to the cost of child support, especially when there are multiple children involved, these sex dolls are incredibly economical and fun to own.

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4. No Concern of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)

Diseases that are transmitted from one person to another through sexual or genital contact are known as sexually transmitted infections that can affect both men and women. Viruses, bacteria, yeast and parasites are the most common causes of these infections. Antibiotics are effective against infections produced by yeast, parasites and bacteria, but not viruses. There are, however, medications that can aid with symptoms and keep the side effects under control. While using latex condoms correctly is an excellent approach to avoid STIs, it does not fully remove the risk of developing the illnesses.

A great way for men to avoid these health consequences is using female sex dolls for ‘casual flings’. These pleasure aids are brand new and unopened until the day you purchase them, ensuring that they are clean and free of STI-causing substances. Even more incredible, you are the relationship's sole partner. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about the doll contracting viruses from the 'outside' and passing them on to you. This is unquestionably a compelling reason to consider purchasing a lifelike female sex doll. Isn't that so?

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5. Assurance of A 100% Devoted Partner

Infidelity is described as a breach of a couple's mutually agreed upon emotional and erotic exclusivity pact. The main thing that comes to the mind as a cause for infidelity is sex, but there are many other types of betrayal that occur on a regular basis and they do not include sex. According to studies, over 60% of married couples engage in some sort of infidelity at some point throughout their relationship. While a variety of circumstances can contribute to a person's feelings, the majority of people resolve to cheat.

Emotional cheating can be just as painful and torturous as physical cheating, but when both are involved, the suffering is unavoidable. Real-life female sex dolls are one of the most dependable lovers, and you won't have to worry about them sleeping with other people. These realistic pleasure dolls would serve you just like a timid and devoted sex partner who has her entire attention on you at all times. Unlike real women, your doll would be wholly yours, and the only way you and the female sex doll can break up is if you both agree; so simply, you're the relationship's boss.

6. Minimal Maintenance Required

Aside from the initial expense when you buy female sex dolls, the entire cost of maintaining them is very inexpensive. This helps explain why these incredible pleasure dolls are becoming increasingly popular and well-liked around the world. The doll merely needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and stored properly when not in use.

Because the doll lacks a human component, it is emotionless and unable to become ill or unhappy in the way that humans can. Unlike women, these dolls do not require pricey snacks and dates on a regular basis. Actually, all you need are a few outfits for her, a good storage unit, and regular cleaning. Amazing, right? So, we can conclude that this is yet another compelling argument for why female sex dolls are superior to women.

7. Zero Additional Costs

Even if you go ahead, and buy the best female sex dolls, you will not incur any more costs aside from the initial payment of that doll. This is a significant benefit when considering the expenses that you would have to take into consideration when dating a real woman.

Women may be fairly luxurious in their upkeep, from monthly hair care treatments to frequent manicures and pedicures, and to regular date evenings. Female sex dolls, on the other hand, do not necessitate such expensive living or particular treatment. In reality, all that they require is basic maintenance, which includes thorough cleaning and proper storage when not in use. It’s indeed simple and unquestionably one of the primary reasons why female sex dolls are superior to women.

8. No Need to Shower Attention

Unlike women who are prepared to do anything to get noticed, female sex dolls are always calm and serene. They never lose their cool, no matter what the scenario is. It's incredible to see how low women will go to fight for attention with their male counterparts. So much so, that they will do anything to gain attention, from dressing up competitively like a diva to utilizing their body as a means of gaining attention.

Female sex dolls, on the other hand, are totally dependent on the manufacturer's skill and design, both of which are dictated by the intended market. In fact, aside from changing the hair and eye color, there is very little that can be done to change the appearance of a female sex doll once it has been created. However, users get a lot of customization options at Only Dolls since we know how important is it for aspiring buyers to create a partner of their dreams. Because these sexual aids are lifeless, they will coexist peacefully. Isn't it incredible?

9. Freedom to Chill with Your Guy Gang

With data indicating that the majority of marital squabbles are caused by males spending more time with friends or playing video games, the fact that female sex dolls would never argue over this is an incredible reason why these magical sex partners are far superior to women.

A sex doll will never disagree with you about your life choices, but instead, will encourage them (taking silence as confidence in you). Every woman wants attention and is committed to change her partner’s way of life for it, which for most men consists primarily of friends and video games. This becomes an issue over time, since males have a tendency to revert to their previous habits. Female sex dolls, on the other hand, are unaffected by your daily activities, making them vastly superior than women.

10. No Fear of Girlfriend Snatchers or White Knights

A white knight is a person or a firm that obtains a business entity that is on the verge of being conquered by a force that is considered detrimental by company representatives in the corporate sector. This is a term used in the dating scene to describe someone who 'snatches' your spouse, especially while you are going through a difficult moment in your relationship.

The white knight utilizes every trick in the book to win over your lover, whether it's financial favors or lusty behavior. Female sex dolls, unlike women, are not subject to white knights and will always be yours (unless you decide otherwise).

11. Much Attention without Reciprocation

A spouse who is constantly on their phone, especially when they shouldn't be, is a significant turn-off in relationships. In fact, being on the phone all of the time is a major source of small conflicts in most relationships. Consider what happens when you're softly leaning in to kiss your lover and the phone's lighting hits you. That's not cool. Right?

Although female sex dolls with artificial intelligence are highly smart and responsive, they still lack the intellect to execute sophisticated jobs like operating machinery or using hand-held devices. This implies that they are solely interested in just one thing – meeting your sexual demands (and giving you some great company of course). This is unquestionably one of the reasons why they are superior to women; you can count on unwavering devotion and commitment.

12. No Need to Prove Yourself Constantly

In the name of ‘testing the devotion and love’ of their partner, women will do everything in the world to put a man to the test. As much as I believe that real life scenarios reveal real individuals, the tests could be harmful, and perhaps work against the lady.

In fact, such crappy tests are responsible for the majority of marriage breakups. Realistic female sex dolls will never put you to the test for anything. Their inability to play these crooked games makes them excellent companions who are supremely subservient to you.

13. Keep Melodrama at Bay

Indecent behaviors in public are common among many women, especially when they want to make a point. They'll go the additional mile (or many additional miles), no matter how humiliating it is for both of you; in some severe cases, they won't even care about the consequences, which could include property damage or long-term defamation too.

According to studies, every third woman in the United States has acted out of rage and produced a major incident at some point during her relationship with a man. In a relationship, female sex dolls will never cause problems. Whatever the driving forces are, these incredible pleasure dolls will never become dramatic. This is a fantastic feature of female sex dolls and also a sign that they are superior to women.

14. You are In-Charge of Relationship Decisions

Women are particularly irrational when it comes to matters of the heart (as compared to female sex dolls). Overthinking is widespread in interpersonal relationships, where seemingly innocuous gestures can influence its overall fate. When it comes to making relationship decisions, women tend to lose their sanity and become overconfident (not cool).

Female sex dolls, on the other hand, are remarkably cool and free of the madness that is associated with real women. These help dolls are always indifferent, calm and collected, regardless of the situation, giving them a distinct advantage over women.

15. No Heartbreaking False Allegations

Women are notoriously attentive about their partners, taking even the tiniest information seriously and making important assumptions that have a significant impact on their relationship. While men are less sensitive and can laugh about virtually anything, women are different and tend to keep resentments bottled up until the right moment to release them (they'll catch you off guard).

Because they lack human understanding, female sex dolls will never bring up false allegations against you. This makes these pleasure dolls incredible and indisputably superior to women.

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