How Does It Feel Like Getting Intimate with a Sex Doll?

How Does It Feel Like Getting Intimate with a Sex Doll?

The idea of having a realistic sex doll must have crossed the minds of most people who know about them. There are some who turn this idea into reality, and the others just contemplate and shy away from unlocking the door of boundless sexual pleasure and possibilities. According to surveys, many from the latter lot drop the idea of becoming a sex doll owner because they want a realistic experience, and have several misconceptions regarding how sex with their real sex doll would feel like.

Although many users claim that they experienced a realistic and authentic experience with their companion dolls, there are still some who suggest otherwise. Today, team Only Dolls would like to share with you first-hand experience of several sex doll users to allow you to decide for yourself if getting intimate with a sex doll is super exciting, or just overvalued.

First and Second Base with a Luxury Sex Doll

Even those who would want to put their newest sex dolls to just hardcore use, would like to know about the feeling of touching and kissing them first. An ultra-realistic sex doll, like the ones sold at Only Dolls, is usually handcrafted with premium TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material to resemble a living human being in terms of appearance and touch. And although a sex doll is often called a fuck doll, it’s not just meant for fuck’s sake. And why should we indulge in gender stereotyping by talking about just female sex dolls, when the present-day market is also influenced by male sex dolls and even shemale sex dolls.

Experienced sex doll users reveal that it feels like they are kissing a real person when they kiss their sex doll. These luxury sex dolls are meticulously-designed with realistic teeth and tongue. Their lips open when you touch them with yours; you can also deep-throat their lifelike mouth, but that’s a different story and next base. And now, let’s talk about another most exciting component of the second base – boobs! At Only Dolls, you have the liberty of opting for gel-filled breasts that will simply amaze you with their surprisingly high ranking on realism.

Third and Fourth Base with a Moving Sex Doll

Oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex – everything is said to be pretty satisfying with our range of moving sex dolls. As the name suggests, these moving ass sex dolls are designed to move their hips to please your manhood, just the way you like it. The Only Dolls Real-Feel Pussy is something you would specially want to try to garner a 100% authentic virgin experience every time. All you need is some quality lube, and you are all set to penetrate every hole that you want.

Your real-life partner might be against your kinks like blindfolds, handcuffs, going down on you, and leaving the lights on. But you can enjoy a realistic sensation with our fantasy sex dolls without disturbing your real relationship. The skin elasticity and softness of our sex dolls would make your hands fall in love with their touch. So, let your body do the talking!


Budget is one of the biggest constraints that overshadows the decision of many prospective sex doll buyers, and they tend to drift towards other cheap sex toys like flashlight pussy or a torso sex doll. But these half-hearted measures cannot be compared to life-size sex dolls for the closest-to-real experience. And if you decide to invest in low-quality cheap sex dolls just to save some cost, you’d certainly be going down the wrong road. Just visit our online sex dolls shop, and do not let a base define your sexual fantasies; let’s go all the way!