Journey from Sex Doll to Companion: Connection Between Love and Silicone

Journey from Sex Doll to Companion: Connection Between Love and Silicone

“Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.” – Andy Warhol

Our sexuality defines a lot about us, but is it everything that we really are? Because of many unavoidable and crucial reasons, the number of sex doll purchases has gone up in the international marketplace over the years. People’s perception against this ‘taboo’ has certainly changed, and they have become more accepting of this idea, since it allows the users to fulfil their sexual desires, fight loneliness, and relish human-like warmth on an everyday basis. But there is still a big section in the society that looks down on sex doll users as perverts or excessively introvert. But then, why does a term as warm as ‘true companion love dolls’ often used interchangeably with the so-called obscene term ‘sex dolls’? Looks like there’s more to these true companion fuck dolls than what appears on the surface level, doesn’t it?

But anyway, this points out to the fact that there is still a big awareness gap that needs to be bridged for people to realize the importance of true companion sex dolls in not one, but many ways. Today, let’s discuss about the core benefits of owning a true companion sex doll – the ones that make the owner develop strong feelings for their companion dolls. Let’s break the stigma attached to the modern sex dolls slowly transitioning into real companion dolls!

How is Sex Doll Culture Beneficial for Society?

It is no brainstormer that besides being important for our overall health and wellbeing, regular sex helps relieve stress. It is one of the most basic human needs that disturbs our psyche, if repressed. But today, due to our changing lifestyles and the fear of lagging behind in the inevitable rat race, we do not enjoy sexual intercourse as much as we should. And the result? Cases of depression, anxiety and crimes like rape are on a steep rise.

A true companion love doll can prove to be a gamechanger here. Apart from their most common use, these dolls have also shown significant results in making their owners feel emotionally assured, and keeping them company. Naturally, they start cherishing their adult companion dolls for being someone they can come home to after a hectic day at work. There are some countries around the globe, where it is totally normal for people to enter into a legally recognized relationship with their sex dolls. Japan has been in the headlines for a lot of things and acceptance around life-size companion dolls is one such head-turner when it comes to the Japanese lifestyle.

According to an article published by Medium in the year 2018, the mega sex doll industry in Japan generates a whopping revenue of around 2.3 trillion yens every year. The main reason behind this drift is a popular Japanese community (wherein people find it difficult to express their feelings to fellow human beings in the mainstream way) called Otakus. The components of this sexually bizarre community are what we commonly refer to as ‘geeks’, and they have an obsession for cosplaying. They don’t just enjoy an intimate sexual relationship with their Japanese companion dolls, but also a bond of trust, affection and dependability. And with Artificial Intelligence into the picture, understanding and meaningful conversations have also become a part of this wholesome relationship. So, it’s about time we burst the conventional bubble, and start seeing the larger picture.

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How Does A Sex Doll Make Its Owner’s Life Simpler?

Providing A Sense of Comfort and Care

Returning to an empty home might be a disheartening thought for many of us. But because of our prior commitments to pay the bills, we hardly find any time to date, and get settled with the right person. People with a history of bad relationships or a present involving long-distance relationships also find it difficult to open up to others very comfortably, and come out of their shells. Companion dolls are a dream-come-true for people who can use a temporary partner with no strings attached.

Studies reveal that humans attach themselves to both living and non-living things around them to create an environment of trust, comfort and love around them. This is the reason that even people who just invest in a sexy companion doll for fleshly purposes, gradually confide in these dolls.

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Allowing You to Live Your Deepest Fantasies

We all have sexual fantasies or fetishes, experiencing which is almost impossible in real life. This repression can lead to frustration and despair in some critical cases. Premium sex dolls allow their users to live all their deepest fantasies without a trace of guilt.

For instance, if someone fantasizes a popular porn star, they can order a porn star sex doll from a trusted online store like Only Dolls, and relive favorite episodes from their porn movies. Or if someone is struggling to come out of the closet, these smart sex dolls can keep them company till they gather courage to confidently confess their true sexuality in front of the world.

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Improving Your Real Sex Life

Surprisingly, modern-day sex toys like sex dolls allow you to explore the human body very acutely and intimately. These true companion sex dolls are handcrafted with perfection to bring the most desired sex partner profiles to life. Consider a sex doll like a practice toy that perfects your moves to get the balls back in your court, howsoever you please.

There are many socially awkward people who constantly feel dominated by the fear of performance, and as a result, find it difficult to play smooth. But sex dolls don’t judge; they are simply designed to accept and share love in its crudest form. Many sex doll buyers report that their real-life sex game became more confident and rewarding after spending some lovey-dovey months with these inviting companion dolls.

Offering Pleasure and Companionship to All Genders

Gone are the days when the sex doll market was only flooded with female sex dolls that were designed to cater to the needs of men. Yes, lesbian women could use these dolls to please themselves, but they weren’t created for this purpose in the first place.

Just like masturbation, use of lifelike companion dolls was also thought to be restricted to males, but with time, the sex doll industry has grown across lengths and breadths. There is something from everyone here, be it straight people, gay people, or even those who fancy shemale encounters to get the best of both the worlds.

Why do People Feel More Comfortable with a True Companion Fuck Doll?

The need of physical touch traces back to the human existence itself. Today, skin-to-skin contact is proven to have mental, emotional and even physical health benefits. The physical presence of someone special whenever you feel snowed on instantly brings down our stress hormone, and helps improve our overall wellbeing and mood.

Amid all the misunderstandings, breakups, divorces, zero work-life balance and ‘couldn’t confess’ type scenarios, not everyone stands a winning chance at relationships and love. But still, sex dolls start feeling like your very own partner after a while. It always patiently waits for you at home, is forever ready to succumb to your physical needs, serves as the perfect cuddling partner, and is all ears to your everyday hustle. In fact, TPE companion dolls are way better than silicone companion dolls for people who like to experience closest-to-the-real thing.

How did the Pandemic Contribute to Uprise of the Sex Doll Market?

These days, when people have drifted away from each other on so many levels, and being socially active has only become limited to our smartphones, lockdown has further worsened the situation of social exclusion. Being forced to constraint our existence within the four walls of our homes has added to the feeling of loneliness and anxiety, leaving us incomplete without the reassuring touch of a partner.

Thus, the pandemic has contributed to the growth of the sex doll industry in its own way. Many buyers who have invested in companion dolls during COVID claim that their new possessions were a big reason that inspired them to keep going day after day throughout the lockdown, when they couldn’t go out to try their luck in the dating world, or just meet their friends and family for a little quality time.

Wrapping Up

With urbanization on a rapid rise, people’s will to push the conventional boundaries has also reached an all-time high. At Only Dolls, we understand that our customers don’t see our products just as a sex toy, but a true companion doll that completes their everyday life with a human-like warm presence. Hence, our dolls are not just handcrafted with premium thermo plastic elastomers to feel like a real human, but also come loaded with innovative features like ultra-realistic body parts, artificial intelligence, and our signature Touch & Moan System and Full Body Heating System.

These outstanding features transform our product into a smart sex doll that responds to your passion, love and care with the same sensation. So, if you are looking for the perfect companion doll to suit your bedroom and emotional needs, visit